Extreme advertisement appealing about freedom, human rights, poverty, violence, etc.

Extreme advertisements that appeal about freedom, human rights, poverty, poverty, violence and so on are various.

All are made to appeal using various visual effects, it has a very impact.

Details are as follows.
An advertisement in a locker in Frankfurt, Germany. Content not to be imprisoned in race, religion, political thought, etc.

It is in all lockers. I am a little scared.

A post that appeals for freedom of speech in Poland.

This is a poster that was in Paris in France that it must not be imprisoned without evidence of guilt. I regard the fence as a grill of iron.

It is in line.

Advertisement appealing against the death penalty system in Spain. The chair at the bus stop has become visible to the electric chair.

Advertisement appealing about domestic violence.

It is an advertisement to eliminate poor prison.

An advertisement in Greece that claims that children should not have war.

Advertisement in Switzerland. This is to let people deepen their awareness by adding sight that is happening somewhere in the world to everyday life.

It is interrogated.

Poster appealing for freedom of speech.

This appeals for freedom of expression.

The original picture is on the link below.
Stopping Torture, Murder and Mayhem - Powerful Ads from Around the World | Inventor Spot

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