People in China who are sleeping in a stagnant place or in a strange shape

I understand the feeling that I want to sleep anywhere when I become sleepy, but I think there are places and dresses suitable for sleeping. Here I gathered some strange places and pictures of people sleeping in strange shape. It is all in China, but I do not necessarily think that this is a daily scenery.

Pictures are from the following.
I sleep next to Donald.

Sleeping in the same shape facing each other.

It is going to be a catastrophe ....

Everyone seems to be tired.

The bench has changed to bed.

The right person seems to have a pain after the awake.

Are you tired of playing?

I sleep even on a scooter.

Normally it is a place not to install a hammock.


I am covered with meat and go to bed.

looks happy.

I am asleep while standing.

Bag is sun shade.

I am sleeping skillfully on the plaything.

Careful turning attention.

It is just right height.

Where on earth are you sleeping?

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