Anti-Nazis CM using images of 1939 that the Nazis made enthusiastic about 20,000 New Yorkers is eliminated as 'not suitable'

Documentary 's commercial focusing on the 1939 rally in Nazi supporters' participation in the United States has been talked about as being eliminated by FOX news . Documentary sending the message "It Can Happen Here" should have been drained between news, but it was judged as "not suitable".

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The 30 seconds CM excluded from FOX news can be seen from the following.

A Night at The Garden: "It Can Happen Here" (Broadcast Spot) on Vimeo

1939, New York.

Madison Square Garden, which is a sports arena and used as an entertainment venue will be displayed.

On the stage is a member of the Nazis

Everyone who fills the venue raises his right hand and salutes.

With the Nazi party chapter ... ...

The American flag is lined up in one place.

A serious look of the saluting people

Something is going on on the platform.

The movie is concluded with the message "What can happen here".

The above CM cut out a short documentary film " A Night at the Garden " published in 2017. A Night at the Garden was filmed just before the outbreak of the Second World War, screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and also nominated for the Academy Short Film Award.

The CM initially planned a number of conspiracy theories and local attitude towards Shawn Haunty of the talk show host, who was condemned by conservatives and experts, to overstay President Trump . However, when it is decided that the news of President Trump 's rally will be broadcast on the program, CM will be eliminated. So Film Distribution Company Field of Vision decides to purchase the nationwide CM frame, but said that the offer was rejected by the broadcasting station. Suzanne Scott, CEO of FOX news, said that he said, "It does not suit our broadcasting."

Cable networks like FOX news do not audit ads purchased by local TV stations but may refuse ads broadcast nationwide. In August 2017 CNN rejected the campaign CM of President Cardin "for the reason that it draws news hosts of some networks as" enemies ".

Marshall Curley, director of A Night at the Garden, said: "This film is a light that thousands of Americans used to symbolize patriotism and became captive to agitators who attacked publishers and minorities "I am surprised that the CEO of FOX News intervened in purchasing small inventory so that viewers of Mr. Hanity's program are not exposed to such American history."

The full story of A Night at the Garden is released free of charge below.

Field of Vision - A Night at the Garden on Vimeo

On February 20, 1939, long lines are formed around Madison Square Garden.

People who push together

Police officers on the horse are controlling the police.

People raise their hands and you can read that they are excited.

The venue is filled with people ......

Everyone raised his right hand and saluted.

The state of the whole venue.

Party members will start talking upstairs on the stage.

It applauds as it talks about regaining power back to those who made up the United States, whites of Christians ruling the United States, being free from the Jews and the labor unions ruled by the people of Moscow But……

At that moment, a noise sounds.

Someone seems to have come up to the stage, the panicked party rushes over.

It is a man who is caught.

Forced men are forcibly pressed down with their strengths ... ...

It is dragged from the spot.

A man who intervenes with the police and is taken to the outside.

The speaker who saw the situation seemed to be laughing a little.

Hitler completed construction of six concentration camps in Europe on February 20, 1939 when the meeting was held. Seven months after the meeting Nazis invaded Poland and triggered the Second World War.

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