Mural paintings of forerunners left in the Libyan desert

The Sahara Desert spreading north of Africa is the world's largest desert with 5600 km east-west, 1,700 km north and south, and 10 million square km area. Among them, the desert from Egypt to LibyaLibya DesertIt is called. There is art that ancient mankind left behind such a desert deeply. It is a dry desert now but you can see how many animals lived in the past and people were hunting it.

Details are as follows.
Rock Art Sites in the Libyan Desert

Animals like giraffes are flocking, and human beings are seen in them.

Bovine animal with big horn.

People are about to catch a bird like an ostrich.

Dromedary doll.

A picture of a bovine as if it is drawing a part of the meat.

People are chasing quadruped walking animals.

There is a person with weapons. Is it because it is long enough to cast things?

There are lots of people.


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