Sony's video sharing service realizes high image quality of DVD class

Sony's video sharing service "EyeVio: Ivio"It seems to realize high image quality of DVD class for the first time as domestic video sharing service.

And we will continue to improve image quality further and will improve quality up to the HD (High Definition) class by the end of the year.

Details are as below.
Sony Japan | Press Releases | Sony's video net media "eyeVio: Ivio" realized the first DVD class image quality with domestic video sharing service

According to this release, Sony's video sharing service "eyeVio: Ivio" will introduce the high-quality video function "eyeVio High Quality Video" from Friday, September 7th. The video format is FLV's streaming format, the screen size is 16: 9 (640 × 368) or 4: 3 (480 × 360), and the bit rate is 1.5 Mbps. It can be enjoyed by all users, it is free to use.

The input data formats that are compatible with upload are mp4, m4v, mpeg, mpg, flv, wmv, avi, mov, qt, vob, rm. The upload capacity limit is 150 MB for each file, We are planning to watch on the digital TV in the living room as well, so we plan to further improve the image quality in the future and plan to improve the video quality up to the HD (High Definition) class within the year.

this isH.264 codec etc. will be supported by Flash Player update done around autumnIt seems to have received things, but is the transfer amount OK?

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