YouTube comment on "VP 9" that will allow more people to see higher quality movies

ByGraham Smith

As smartphones and tablets support screen resolutions higher than full HD and monitors for PCs support 4K, demand for higher resolution contents of full HD or higher is gradually increasing. However, as the resolution increases, the file size of the content also increases, the user's data usage will be punctured at once. Therefore, on YouTube, a video compression codec for more efficiently compressing video files "VP9We are promoting the development of this case and it will make it possible to use less than half of the existing video compression codecs for the bandwidth used, and that you will be able to reproduce movies with higher resolution more smoothly, It explains and explains it.

YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog: VP 9: Faster, better, buffer-free YouTube videos

The open source video file format that royalty-free can use, which is being developed by Google, is "WebM"The VP9 is used as its video codec. VP 9 has already been adopted on YouTube and Google reveals that in 2014, 25 billion hours of the movie played on YouTube was converted by VP 9.

A movie has a great deal of information, and if it is tried to play streaming while keeping the movie "format used by the shooting camera", in order to play a 4K picture quality movie, it is necessary to have a bandwidth of 18000 Mbps (18 Gbps) Will be used. Because it can not reproduce movies very much, it is exaggerated that by using a video compression codec and making the bandwidth to be used as small as possible, "Enable streaming playback of high-quality movies".

ByThomas van de Weerd

VP9 is the successor codec of VP8, the basic principle remains the same. However, Google'sWebM teamWill seek higher quality with VP 9, will drop to half the bit rate of VP 8 with the same picture quality, and it will be a rivalH.264YaH.265Development aimed at making it a codec more efficient than before. In VP 9, creative ingenuity is felt in various parts, for example, since encoders like sharp image quality, it seems that asymmetric conversion is adopted to leave a high picture quality feeling.

You can see how beautiful the video compression codec is actually VP 9 by seeing the picture below. Janet Moneey'sTightrope music videoConverted with VP9 and H.264 (line speed down 600 Kbps), the image quality will be as follows.

The following image captures one scene of the movie converted by VP9. You can see that the face of Janet Monee in front of you is clearly shown clearly.

On the other hand, in the case of H.264, the face of Janet Moneey is hardly distinguishable as moat, and overall the resolution is too rough, overall, only movies playing at a resolution of one rank higher than VP 9 or lower It looks like it was impossible.

YouTube has set the goal of "playing high-quality, unbuffered movies in a moment" as a goal, and at the moment it says that VP 9 is the closest to this. Also, if there is an environment where 480p movies using the conventional video compression codec can be played without buffering on YouTube, 720p movies using VP9 can be played back smoothly without delay. Furthermore, it is a very grateful video compression codec for users who have limited usage of monthly data because the bandwidth used is reduced, and even users who only saw low-resolution movies of 240p or less can enjoy normal resolution of 360p or more You can enjoy the movie of being a benefit obtained by adopting VP9.

The graph below shows the percentage of users who have been viewing low-resolution movies of 240p or less, and which can play movies with normal resolution of 360p or more due to adoption of VP9. In Turkey and Mexico you will find that its benefits will span a tremendous number of users.

There are multiple products that support VP 9, including Google Chrome, as well as Sony, LG, Sharp's TV and game machines are supported, and in 2015 more than 20 partner manufacturers VP9 compatible products Multiple releases will be made.

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