Create a "big old clock" with LEGO and MSX, this will be reproduced until the death from the birth of the old man

Avengers' helicopter "made of 2996 LEGO blocksAlthough it is possible to create unimaginable things using the Lego block, etc. Lego Block and MSX have reproduced "big old clock", too many wonderful movies are released in various meanings.

I made "big old clock" with MSX and LEGO. Made a "big antique clock" made with MSX and Legos. - YouTube

The first thing that appears in the movie is "The grandfather born when he was born"

Then "The grandfather when the bride came"

The third one seems to reproduce three scenes in accordance with the lyrics of "No. 1 to 3," the grandfather who rises to heaven ... ....

This time the clockGovernorI will use it as.

Speed ​​up the power spring with gears.

Engage the escape wheel with the escape wheel ... ...

I will move the pendulum.

The watch's long hand and short hand are like this.

Using this mechanism, "(1) grandpa is born"

"(2) A beautiful bride will come"

We will control "(3) To rise to heaven."

Switch is like this.

Three switches turn on / off movement in three scenes.

It seems that three switches are connected.

When power is input to each switch, the scene containing the switch moves. When the first switch goes in and the movement wraps around, the second switch is switched on and the first switch is turned off ... It will feel like 1 ... 2 → 3, and the scene changes in order.

Add a dummy switch above and below the mechanism.

The upper switch is interlocked with the lower dummy switch, and the lower switch is linked with the upper dummy switch, so when switch # 3 is finished the switch No. 1 is switched on again.

Next, branch the power of the watch to the left and right.

Move the minute hand / short hand to the right side ... ....

Connect the switch to the left side. The device became more and more complicated.

Extend the output of the switch sideways.

I connected a grandfather's grandfather when I was a baby.

And a beautiful bride also connects.

Finally connect the grandfather who climbs to heaven ... ...


Performance is done by MSX official emulator.

Play "Doremifa solasi" with "cdefgab" ... ...

Specify the length of sound by writing "c2 (half notes)", "c64 (64 notes)" etc. behind the character.

If you specify an octave with "04" "05", you can play from the do to the next highest d.

In addition, "r" rests, "t" designates a tempo, etc. to enter the song ... ...

I will play "big old clock".

In addition, since the Japanese translation of lyrics is under the copyright protection period, it is displayed in ambiguity in the movie. Let's see while remembering lyrics in your head.

First of all, the first grandfather, "grandfather's xxx xxx watchfulness" means that the grandfather born and raised from the bottom of the device will grow.

When the newborn grandfather was sent off, the stage of the above grandfather "The grandfather when the bride came" will appear.

For fixation of the mainspring, use three parts bent at delicate angles.

Viewed from the side 3: 4: 5 right triangle is being created.

And at the end "xxx climb xxx"

From the side I draw a triangle called 40: 9: 41.

This means that "A" is fixed to 40, and B and C are the result of searching for the integer solution of Pythagorean theorem in the range of 0 to 99.

Thus the grandfather went up to heaven with the music of the big old clock.

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