Free service "postkun" posting bulk to multiple blogs and SNS

Mixi,GREE,Cafesta,Cocolog,Movable Type,Dorikomu blog,Livedoor blog,TypePad,,Blogger,JUGEM,WordPressIt is a fairly powerful free service such as being able to become a spam blog creation service if you make a mistake in being able to contribute to bulk at once.

Details are as below.
Postkun (Post Kun) blog · SNS bulk posting free tool

What is the purpose? ~About usLooking at it, it says like this.

Postkun (postmaster) is a free service that allows you to post multiple blogs / SNS diaries / articles in bulk.
By registering as a member and simply making simple settings, you can register it all at once with your blog / SNS. Because it corresponds to major services such as Livedoor blog and mixi, it is a useful service for those who want to announce products to many Internet users.

Product announcement ......? ... Is it a service that is going to be a double-edged sword?

It is Tomoko Co., Ltd., which operates, onceprivacy policyIt is also written.

In the future, I will further increase the type of blogs that we will support. I am paying attention to what will happen in the future.

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