I tried McDonald's new 100 yen Mac "Mac pork"

It will be launched nationwide from Monday, July 23McDonald's new 100 yen Mac "Mac pork"However, it seems that some stores in urban areas have already been released, so I bought it and tried it at once.

I feel rare that a hamburger pushed pork all over, but what about the taste?

Details are as follows.
It was in such a paper bag.

Packaging looks like this.

I opened it. I smell something fragrant.

Pork patty, lettuce and black pepper sauce were sandwiched.

I tried tearing. It is very juicy.

Although I tried to eat it, the spicy sauce that made the black pepper let me taste like a pig somehow reminds me of a ginger burn. Overall it is very juicy and there is quite a bit of fun. It is a place I want a little shakijaki feeling in lettuce, but perhaps there is no choice if it thinks of 100 yen.

It seems to be a good thing as a 100 yen Mac, but it is lonely that Mac chicken disappears in accordance with the appearance of McPork.

By the way, I asked McDonald as to why it was sold at a specific store before the nationwide launch and found that there are shops selling experimentally before the national launch. We can not answer inquiries about when they were released at those stores.

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