Discover notes with a hint of not being arrested from refrigerator and marijuana

A refrigerator at a man's house that sold marijuana in Manhattan found 88 pounds (about 40 kg) of marijuana and a "hint not to be arrested for drug trafficking" seen as an acquaintance. By using this in reverse, you may be able to suppress drug trafficking well.

Details are as follows.
POT LUCK RUNS OUT | By MURRAY WEISS and DAN MANGAN | New York News | New York City News | NY News

The drug control office investigated the apartment where Peter Dagostino (56), a New York musician, investigated, found a total of 88 lbs (about 40 kg) of marijuana and a cash of $ 65,000 (about 8 million yen) from multiple refrigerators, It seems that a man's account included $ 325,000 (about 40 million yen). In addition, it seems that a note with a hint for not being arrested that seems to have been received from a friend was found. In the memo, it seems that it was stated that "Make a deceased benefactor in order to hide and protect the benefit given by drugs as a gifts item" or "It is dangerous to call".

Dagostino owned two recording studios in Manhattan, but the authorities seem to think that it was doing to hide the drag business.

Dagostino approved the possession of marijuana at the Manhattan Supreme Court on June 22 and agreed to pay 378,000 dollars (about 46 million yen) earned by the departure and drag of Marie Hill's apartment. The ruling is going to be handed down on 24th September.

Although there are more cases in terms of the amount of marijuana seized, it is considerably malignant when I skillfully concealed business with my owned studio.

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