Microsoft acknowledges that all Xbox 360 sold in the past is defective

According to the news site "CRN" sponsored by an independent publisher in Australia, Microsoft said that he acknowledged design flaws for all 11.6 million Xbox 360s sold in the past 19 months is. However, there is no schedule for recall or free exchange.

Details of shudder are as follows. The chief of Microsoft's game department answers the interview.
Microsoft facing US $ 1.15bn Xbox 360 repair bill - Consumer Electronics -

According to Robbie Bach of Microsoft's game department, I was asked about the design problem of Xbox 360 recently reported from securities analyst, and asked "It is requested for repair in the last 2 months to 3 months It has increased, and the attention of people is clearly facing there, "he said.

Although Microsoft has not accurately clarified this failure problem, Microsoft has already added necessary design changes to new production, and it is said that we will also upgrade the current inventory and ship it.

furtherBreakdown due to example flashing redIt is said that repair (free shipping) can be done for free by extending the compensation period from 1 year to 3 years.

So it seems that this problem will not occur for newly released products. I do not quite understand how to tell if it is a model before upgrading or an improved model after upgrading ... .... Probably released from October 11 "Xbox 360 EliteI am sure that it is safe.

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