The pace at which Windows Vista sells is about twice that of Windows XP

According to Microsoft, Windows Vista sells 20 million licenses in just one month from the launch on January 30, which seems to be about twice as fast as the initial release of Windows XP.

Perhaps it seems that because the area where PCs are popular spreads from the beginning of XP release worldwide ... ....

Further details are as follows.
Microsoft Vista Sells 20M Copies in Feb .: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Microsoft says Vista sales doubling Windows XP pace | Business News |

According to Reuters communications, it seems that previous Windows XP sold 17 million licenses in the first two months, so this time Vista seems to be a double that pace.

However, since the illegal copies are on the market in reality, it is said that the actual number of operations will be even higher. I wonder when the number will be higher than the current XP ... ....

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