Windows 7 share finally drops below 20%

Windows 7

accounted for more than 20% of the desktop OS share as of October 2020, but subsequent research revealed that the share fell below 20%.

According to data from NetMarket, which publishes IT statistics, Windows 7's share remained in the 20% range until October 2020, but in November 2020 it was 18.78%, finally reaching the 20% level. In December 2020, it was 19.71%.

According to

StatCounter's data , which also publishes statistical information, it fell below 20% from April to June 2020, but recovered to 20.04% in July 2020. After that, it fell below 20% again, recorded 16.8% in October 2020, and then returned to 18.03% in December 2020.

According to an original analysis by Ed Bot, who is paying attention to the share of Windows on the news site ZDNet, the share of Windows 7 was 18.9% as of December 2019, but it was 8.5 as of December 2020. % And decreased by 10 points or more.

Support for Windows 7 generally expires on January 14, 2020 . Paid support will continue until January 2023, mainly for large companies where it is not easy to migrate the environment, but since the renewal cost is set to double , it will continue to use Windows 7 in 2021. It is expected that some customers will give up.

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