Headline news on July 6, 2007

A man was stabbed by someone in a lover 's house. I discovered Female Chelsea who came to stay by chance. The cause of death was blood loss and death, the thigh was stabbed with a sharp triangle. Bullets of guns after the firing are also found from soda cans stacked on site. As a result of the investigation by the police, the same cohabited man was also shot by the same gun and it turned out to be threatened to separate from this lover.

Well, tomorrow at 22 o'clockWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"Synopsis of episode 12. Also, tomorrow's story reveals the truth of the Nick kidnapping affair continuing from the previous season. People who enjoyed Season 5 are also must-see. Is not it a rare drama that you investigate yourself that the incident was kidnapped by yourself?

So, next MondayJuly 9. There was a battle of Nagashino in 1575, Japan's first indoor heated pool opened in 1917. In 1982, Canon launched the world's first completely automated camera "Snappy 50", and in 2001 the Nippon Kayaku Miraikan opened. In addition, in 1965, Takahawa Yun who was also in charge of character design of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was born, and in 1974 SMAP's Kusakabi was born, Inaaru Koharu in 880 and Mori Ogai in 1922 died.

Today's headline news.

Dentsu challenges media total warfare [second part] (Tomorrow's Tomorrow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Internet, Dentsu also enters net ad distribution)

Nameless which does not slip | Yamaha history(Company, an example that diversified and succeeded steadily)

Trading Slashdot Japan vulnerability at auction(Internet services, hackers and researchers exhibit vulnerabilities)

Prominent hacker, iPhone unlocks to be successful within a week and declaration trend - Computerworld.jp(Mobile, they seem to be easy to solve by standards)

Let's study filtering phrases(Security, Filtering to block only SPAM well)

20 ways to speed up MovableType. (Junnama Online (Mirror))(Web, good advertisement)

Stingy reforms make education ineffective 【Part 2】 (Professor Hirota's "Education and Educational Reforms Negligible"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Education, Japanese teachers often do other things than classes)

Life · Internet cafe Refugees · Thinking in Nagoya (8) "That" Worked in Goodwill 【Bottom】(Work closely approaches the actual situation of dispatch)

Memokami Moba gateown is really strongest (1-2)(Business, Avatar Diffusion Strategy in Japan)

GeGeGe no Kitaro appeared at Momoya 's dinner' s commercial | Ameba News(Advertisement, face is the same as usual)

A diary written and investigated a little about love · Kurita - "God drawing (a kind thing)" to show off to a peer makes the industry narrower(Technique, you can see the picture, but it is hard to evaluate the talk at first glance)

Tea Fairy Overseas Anime Fans Talk "Do you watch animation other than Japanese and English?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Animation, Spanish is major and major)

CNN.co.jp Napoleon's love letter auctioned, auctioned at about 68 million yen - overbearing(Auction, that it sells love sentences)

The latest movie of software for Wii "Biohazard umbrella · chronicles" is released! - Famitsu.com(Game, Gun Shooting with Wii Remote)

ITmedia + D Games: Luxurious walks in the azure sea - "Forever Blue"(Game, a game where you can take a walk in the ocean)

Logitech, PC game controller with blowing cooling function of 96 liters per minute PC My Computer Journal(Game, 40 mm diameter cooling fan built in)

GameSpark - 41-year old man steals Xbox 360 from a 13-year old boy and threats it with rock(Crime, what is it going to be 41 years old)

CNN.co.jp The warm wave in the western part of the United States, 47 ° C in Las Vegas - USA(Weather, fire fighters also heat stroke)

Happy Pink Communication Succeeded in shooting the shark's ancestor "Loveca"! - livedoor Blog (blog)(Movie, appearance is more scary than sharks)

The light from the sun that appears on the road is very mysterious sprawl(Movie, that you can see such clearly)

Dentsu challenges media total warfare [second part] (Tomorrow's Tomorrow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(We plan to introduce something like ads, Google AdSense and AdWords)

Self expression on company blog (dekiru's "Writing technique"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Blog, Ricoh's "GR DIGITAL" blog creator interview)

Joost talks about "closed garden" VeohTV | Blog network of experts and overseas journalists 【MediaSabor Media Sabor】(Video delivery, things that are still decisive even overseas have not appeared)

Very strange sports in the world Ten selections P O P P O P(Sports, there are quite a few things I'd like to try)

Slashdot Japan Sleep measurement system that can quantitatively evaluate the depth and condition of sleep(Hardware evaluates sleep at 100 points)

Junk Gallery ~ Overseas astounding · funny news ~ ■ Village which made dinosaur bones a village(Health, boiled with hot water and used as a medicine)

Elucidation of thickening effect by stress, expected for new medicine - U.S. research | Ameba News(Health, mice given stress increased about 2 times more abdominal fat)

Durex Australian corporation, testing for products Testing men Entertainment Reuters.co.jp(Health, recruitment for condom testers)

EU cigarettes are all "auto extinguishment goods" Excite news(Health, it disappears if you do not smoke for a few seconds)

Become "fine" with feces and vomiting inside the train? Excite News(Life, consider various circumstances)

White lantern diary - martial arts perspective - - right handed, left - handed discussion(Culture and martial arts may be advantageous by reversing them side by side.)

404 Blog Not Found: Book Review - Ovachan's shop that brings rice to prime will surely flourish(Book, it seems just interesting with the title)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Guidelines for [Under deliberation] Part 1(Story, it gets better)

Asahi.com: "Women talk" is a lie? U.S. Large Team "No Sex" - International(Individual differences, not life, gender difference)

"Only 13%" used for watching movies on game machines / Game information portal: GeePara.com(Electric appliances, people who do not know the DVD playback function too)

Point is an absolute profitable golden egg. Not only enclosure Adult circumstances Web personnel Forum(The story of that "point" that you can get at shopping, electronics mass merchandisers, etc.)

Gasoline, coffee, shochu ... From July the price increase of fear(Lifetime raise up from drinks to loans)

The global food crisis in the background of "rising prices"(Food consumption, grain supply and demand in the world exceeded production amount in consumption)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Something's going round with a different rare chain store(A restaurant that is eating, chains but featured)

Chocolate ball 'Kyoro chan' becomes PETZ | Ameba News(Food and contents are ordinary pez)

Three patterns that fail in day-cup fried noodles(I've done all the stuff)

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