Headline news on September 25, 2007

KDDI's service to distribute video for DVD "DVD BurningIt will start offering from Thursday 27th (Thursday). From 60 companies such as Warner Bros. and Yoshimoto Kogyo, unreleased works and out-of-print works that are not made into DVD, mainly films, drama and animation, will also be sold. Admission fee · Annual fee is free and price starts from 500 yen per piece. Because it seems to directly burn video contents from internet line to DVD media, high speed line is required but depending on the title to be sold it may be possible to get rare works which we could not get until now I do not.

So, tomorrowSeptember 26. The Republic of Yemen declared the foundation in 1962, the Liberal Party joined the Democratic Party in 2003, and Takarazuka Garden Fields opened in the site of the Takarazuka Family land the same day. Shinoza Abe became the 90th Japanese Prime Minister in 2006. Also, in addition to Takamori Saigo and Takanobu Kido Born in 1830, Toshimichi Okubo called Shinjin of the Restoration, Yoshimi Tendo, a singer, was born in 1957 and Yukumi Koizumi, known for "ghost stories", died in 1904 It was.

Today's headline news.
Why is the Japanese music industry back and forth with net promotion? ─ Utilization of key social media(The content provider's speculation for net service, YouTube etc.)

404 Blog Not Found: Nico Nico - Two reasons for Nico Nico video right(Net service, "no more" not just "a place where you can just watch illegal copies") "

Enhancement of exemptions for persons with disabilities is also coordinated with NHK, management committee Performance (CHUNICHI Web)(TV, 50 yen discount per month and further with 50 yen discount if you change account)

MarkeZine: ◎ Blog parts from which this type gadget protrudes appear in Tsutaya online campaign(Net, distribute 24 blog parts free)

Mi Mike 1,000 arrives and mixi can not be used as before | Ameba News(There are restrictions on net service, Mi Mike up to 1000 people, there are currently functional requests for withdrawal of 1000 persons limit)

Prohibition of age restriction of recruitment, revised Employment Measures Law enacted on 1st October(Employment, those who write corporate wanting age are easy to understand adoption criteria)

Walls that can not be crossed (゚ д ゚) NEET is going home visited after next year - livedoor Blog (blog)(Employment, consultants are not only waiting)

[Case Study] ~ Master's Art of Writing (3) (Strong Document Techniques): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Work, task management tool of 'Hatena' of net venture having more than 230,000 users)

POLAR BEAR BLOG If you do not sleep you can not sleep, even sleeping too bad(Health, the death rate doubles according to the amount of sleep)

WIRED VISION - Hero of Chinese, Bill Gates Chairman (1)(Overseas, Bill · Gates books are best sellers in China)

CNN.co.jp US Apple, "iPhone" remodeling users warning - business(Hardware, seeking refusal to refrain, it will not be able to update)

CNN.co.jp claims to be an "art" item using PC, arrested for being a mistake as a bomb - a speech(Hardware, decorative items based on the base on the foundation)

Business Media Makoto: Yamada VS. Anti-Yamada at a merger "Sengoku period" home electronics mass merchandisers(Business, consumer electronics mass merchant shop power force chart is interesting)

Courage to tell "the shadow of reform" (to kill the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Politics, How does Fukuda New Governor generalize Abe 's politics?)

The limits of "Japanese politicians" (killing the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Politicians, Fukuda Shinzo is a type of politician who thinks "to adapt to times")

Behind the scenes of OPEC increase production (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Due to work from the United States where the economy has slowed due to oil and subprime loan problems)

Rabbit Q Character diagnosis understood by the color of my favorite car(Impression given by color of car, car)

I often see but it does not make sense Internet term ranking - goo ranking(Language, top words monopoly with only alphabet words)

Hotels that entertain pet dogs as guests in the US Increasing Excite news(Animals, meals are also prepared by top chefs)

A tremendously big alarm is terribly annoying: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo Japan)(Gadget, roaring sounds ringing in the neighborhood as well)

Junk Food Mania: When searching for "Shibuya" at "Missed shop in your city"(Internet service, there is not a mistake around Shibuya station?

Are you "old with Virgin Road" already? Swedish marital circumstances international news: AFPBB News(Overseas, customs but sex discrimination came out with a prohibition order)

【Old News】 Animator Koji Osaka who was in charge of character deza such as V Gundam, G Gundam and so on died of cancer 【BONES】 ⊂ ⌒ ⊃.Д.) ⊃ か speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ⊂ √ √ Д ゚) Full Auto(Animation, the last animation involved is "Tenpo Ikka Oddi")

[Condition for censorship of right holders] Condition of "Comike 's power" as an animation - "Authorized right holder" celebration of secondary creation ⊂ ✿⊃.Д.) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ √ √ Auto(Animation, works that passed the judgment of the right holder will be exhibited at Akihabara UDX from October 4)

CODE GEASS Rebellion breasts mouse pad, the most popular is "Karen"(Animation, sold out first at Tara no ya head office)

Women English vocal software "SWEET ANN" released Creative(Software, this package can not overcome Hatsune Miku)

GameSpark - In 2009 it is 1.5 times the size now! Outlook of the game industry(Analysts anticipate that games, PS 3 will sell from 2009)

Mobile, PS 3, and "Dress" (Digital Entertainment Weather Forecast): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Game, game for mobile phone was booming and there were many foreign journalists)

Let's play with STG (tentative title)(It's easy to understand, not teaching games, takeovers, not capture)

Asa ◎ Column: Cause of the death of Shinkyou Forest is caused by the declining conception rate(Horse racing, breeding capacity is confirmed not to resurrected, so culling decided)

Hamster Bulletin 2 Rolling "Q & amp; A for Voice Actor Aspirant" is tingling(Industry, in a sense meaningfully Q & amp; A)

Now "natural history" changes common sense! ~ "Both penguins and whales swim at 2 meters per second" Katsumi Sato (review: Jiro Urushihara) (1 daily book!) NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(About books that rewrite the description of books, textbooks)

From alfalfa mosaic "()"(2 ch, quiet ...)

I ate Big McTucky with Wakaragi (McTucky) | Ameba News(A restaurant like McDonald's and Kentucky combined)

"Warm natural water" Start selling from October 1 (Monday): News release Itoen(Eating, when the day when white water is sold is coming ...)

100kcal pack snacks are popular excite news(If it is a meal, a commercial confectionthis100 kcal minutes)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: How to unravel the rice bowl(I never saw meals in the first place)

Sweet pickles that brought horror of Bacillus anthracis | Ameba News(Food, misunderstanding by seeing white powder)

The 6th Beethoven and Rossini (Food of Rossini): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Food, truffles and foie gras are indispensable and it seems to be very delicious)

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