Where similar between drug traffickers and software developers

I think that drug traffickers and software developers are totally different job types, but there seem to be some similarities. I feel like I am told.

Details are as below.· Customer is called user.
I do not know well about drugs, but the software finally calls people who use that software end users.

· Getting started is free.
For software users, I think that things that can be downloaded from the website mostly have a trial period of about 10 to 30 days. There seems to be a free trial at the beginning of drugs.

· Southeast Asia is important
Drug traffickers are smuggling routes, software is also a country with considerable excellence such as India and it seems to be an important area, such as debugging.

· The technical term is unknown
There are drugs such as "Stick", "Rock", "Dime bag", "E", etc, and those who think software has "Java", "Debug", "ANSI", "RDBMS" I will. I certainly have a lot of words that I do not understand unless I know it.

· Main targets 14 to 25 years old
Well, if you say so, both of them will feel like that.

· It is more powerful and supported by new things
Drugs are new, more effective formulation. And the software is new, faster machine. Both are important.

I do not feel a bit pushy, but some seems to be true.

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