Unusual law concerning ten sexual acts different from region to region

There seems to be a slightly different sex act law in the United States. There are laws prohibiting what you do not do very often in Japan, and conversely laws that are forbidden to do ordinary in Japan.

Details are from the following.Top Ten WTF? US Sex Laws - Top 10s

1.In 18 states, including Arizona State, sexual activity using mouth is prohibited.

2.In Virginia state it prohibits electricity and sexual activity.

3.In Oregon state, we prohibit word blame during sexual activity (teasing with dirty words).

Four.In Georgia state you can not do sex without marriage.

Five.In Washington D.C it is illegal to conduct sex acts with posture other than morbidity.

6.In certain areas of Wisconsin, men are prohibited from ejaculating when women are caught.

7.It is illegal to conduct sex acts with truck drivers at tollgates in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

8.In Florida, it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse and sexual activity.

9.In Utah State it is impossible to marry a cousin until 65 years old. In short it means that you can marry a cousin over the age of 65.

Ten.It is legal to do sexual activities with animals in Washington State. However legal only if the animal's weight is less than 40 pounds (about 18 kilograms). It is illegal to become more than that.

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