I bought Yoshinoya's "Eel Bowl" released from 15 o'clock today

I bought "Eel Bowl" which Yoshinoya will newly release from 15 o'clock today with a dash.Release for the limited time until early AugustIt is said that.

Of summerMidsumming MondayIt was a little earlier than July 30, but it seemed to be faint with the sultry heat soon, so it was just nutritional supplement.

Details are as follows.
First I will go to Yoshinoya.

Eleven bowls and mischief were also added to the menu of the shop.

So, I took it home. Only eel bowls can take home. Pepper is stopped by the seal.

In addition to this, Shichii pepper and red ginger came.

I just opened it. 3 eels are out.

First put on sansan.

Apply a seasoning and serve with red ginger.

As a comment I tried eating, it feels like an ordinary eel bowl. I bought an eel at a supermarket in the neighborhood and have the same taste as I did an eel with a bowl at home. Sauce was stained firmly on rice, and sauce did not accumulate on the bottom, I thought that the amount of sauce is splendid. It may be unsatisfactory for those who like eel don bowl.

As for the eel, I contacted Yoshinoya D &It is made in China. I used what I saw properly hereSo, please eat at ease.

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