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Anna and Lori's sisters visit to undertake the romantic occupation under the spiritual teacher Sedna. But in Sedona's words that danger is approaching to the two, Anna loses his mood and leaves Sedona's shop. Then in front of the store, Anna is about to be run over by a red car and goes back to pick up something forgotten at the store and finds the corpse of Sedona. In the shop there was a tape that recorded the state of the fortune telling of Anna and the sinister scene that Sedona predicted when playing it was in agreement with the site where Sedona himself was killed.

So, tomorrow at 22 o'clock SaturdayWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"Synopsis of episode 19. It is unusual for CSI to be an occult development like X-file. In the UKPolice chased the UFO in a helicopterAlthough there is a story saying, how does CSI solve the incident in what way?

So, next MondayAugust 27. In 1883 the Indonesian volcano Kuakataau erupted. In 1939, He 178 of Heinkel succeeded in the world's first jet flight, and in 1957 the nuclear reactor reached the critical point at the nuclear research institute in Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture, and the "atomic fire" took place. In addition, besides Confucius was born in 551 BC, Kenji Miyazawa was born in 1896, Mother Teresa was born in 1910, and in 2005 the founder of Shin Eye animation, Kusube Daikichiro died.

Today's headline news.

Japan.internet.com Mobile · Wireless - 【China】 Beijing's subway line 10, 3G network finished to be fully developed(Support overseas, WCDMA and CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA 3 standards)

CNN.co.jp Inflation rate to "7634.8%", in Zimbabwe in July - Business(Economy, there is a risk of reaching 100,000% by the end of the year)

Livedoor News - Crisis over the summer electricity supply? Ministry of Internal Affairs announces totalization and calculation of traffic on the Internet(Net, total traffic volume of broadband subscribers is about 720 Gbps on average)

Convenience store industry troubled by labor shortage hourly wage of 1500 yen also | Ameba News(If you can not find a job by all means, temporary work will be dispatched)

ITmedia Enterprise: What is the psychological significance of shadow work? : Reason why you are passionate about jobs without compensation (1/2)(Work, shadow work trap)

Shigoto Toka Laboratory: How can you get the job done well? [Resolution] - ITmedia Biz.ID(Work, techniques for asking people around you to ask questions "Which Talk" and "Catch Talk")

Evaluation of YouTube's "InVideo" advertisement is the worst level at blog Herald(Advertisement, flooded with dissatisfaction with advertisements displayed at the bottom of YouTube movies)

ITmedia Enterprise: System management "This is a hen": a pitfall of distributed operation management? Is it safe to leave it to PC geek? (1/3)(System operation, cost could be reduced but trouble measures could not be taken)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - "Handsfree Diffusion Does not Penetrate" About 50% of calling experiences with mobile phones during driving(Mobile, people who speak normally increase than previous survey)

WIRED VISION - "100 day life at simulated Martian base" report(In space, on Mars, one day will be 39 minutes longer)

Maternity Q Internet business special selection made profitable with such a silly idea 10(Business, something unexpected can be sold)

Is it possible for "Japanese model" of copyright ?? Protection period extension problem - ITmedia News(Copyright, external pressure from the United StatesAnnual Reform Request FormIt seems that we will form a model unique to Japan without having to circle only)

Slashdot Japan | Yayoi, leaving Livedoor(Livedoor, sold for 71 billion yen)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Tiger adds "black" to Ichi Ih rice cooker(Home appliances, IH rice cooker having the same structure as a real earth pot)

Although it is easy to assemble but also environmental protection ─ ─ NEC's summer vacation plan is different "Hito" - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, may be good for free research)

Logitech, a laser mouse for a notebook PC that can take up a USB cord PC My Computer Journal(Hardware and plugs can also be stored on the bottom of the main unit)

Sakuto delicious Vista chips 19th: dealing with NAS that can not be connected with Vista - ITmedia + D PC USER(How to deal with trouble that software, Windows can not connect to Samba)

Sleep deprivation feeling, proportional to net use time before going to bed - ITmedia News(Net, even if you are watching TV before going to bed)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: A smiley driver's license was made(Life, is it safe in this picture?)

"This water can not be drunk" on the Shinkansen, what kind of water? Excite News(There are times when you use living, recycled water)

Bowling actually has a great diet effect. Excite Health(Health, 3 games tired normally)

France Customs, Rugby World Cup Tournament Detecting 998 Impost of Balls Excite News(Overseas, different from color)

WIRED VISION - Turkish court prohibits access to "WordPress" blog service entirely(Overseas, how about doing that)

Art photograph of the body at the investigation office, group referee settlement of the bereaved family - Ohio State | Ameba News(Overseas, photographing without taking consent for the bereaved)

"Body like President Putin" How do I get it? | Ameba News(Overseas, how to get Putin Body on local paper published)

Find three bodies of a baby in a box in France Reuters(Overseas, mother who concealed corpse was carrying away at the time of moving)

Indian police officer threw two girls who stealed aside in the river and died Reuters(Overseas, friends of police officers also cooperate and throw in the river)

CNN.co.jp Birth of a panda at the Austrian zoo, for the first time in 25 years in Europe - Science(Animals, pandas loaned from China)

GameSpark - GC 07 "Devil May Cry 4" Nero vs Dante's Showdown Trailer(Game, I still feel the graphics are doppery)

GameSpark - GC 07 boss attacks! "Metal Gear Solid 4" Games Convention 2007 trailer(Game, Othello also appeared)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Xbox 360 A possibility of fuming into the controller sold separately, MS is a precautionary measure(Game, damage such as ignition is not yet done)

ITmedia + D Games: This fun can not be changed! "Arkanoid DS"(Game, dedicated controller also released block breaking out)

Still powerful PS2, are you still healthy for 3 more years? - ITmedia News(Not only easy to develop because there are many programmers who have experienced game development for games and PS2, it is easy to make money because the cost is cheaper than PS3)

"Seto no Hanayome" at AT-X 17th episode Canceled broadcast caused by organized crime group conflict!(Anime, Subtitle is "Prefectural Police vs. Organized Violence")

200,000 yen Gundam T-shirt Bandai, collaboration with luxury brands - ITmedia News(Anime, one that expressed Gundam using Swarovski crystal glass)

Animate TV, animated movie "Theater version AIR" for free for a limited time(Animate, animated TV delivers the main video of 'Theatrical version AIR' from August 23 to October 31, 12 o'clock for free)

Low-activity water corpse - Animation "Lucky Star" Completed. I will press on the final story of astonishment.(Anime, it was amazing if this was truly)

An evil dojo - a haunted house in Tokyo Dome City Live camera is interesting(Internet service, haunted house without anyone after sales also can be seen)

Slashdot Japan | Successfully controlling detachment from the body(Occult, you can experience to disrupt the signal to the brain using virtual reality experience goggles)

I found an amazing thing to see my name www - Potan Institute(Person who will become a face when surrounded by name, surname and name)

Yuba to convenience store snacks Natori's Hitoritsuki Yuba Excite News(Food, citrus pepper flavor and a bag of 105 yen)

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