Headline news on 27th June 2007

According to a survey by IT specialist research company "IDC Japan", shipment results of domestic PC monitors in the first quarter of 2007 were 1,735,367 units, of which LCD monitor occupied 99.8%. Old-fashioned CRT monitors are almost undetectable at shops, so it is a natural result, but the number of shipments of LCD monitors declined by 13.5% compared to the same period last year, and it seems that overall shrinkage tends to be.

Currently the speed of response speed and the price is cheapTN type liquid crystal panelAlthough it is mainstream, it seems that the viewing angle is narrow and it seems that the color looks quite different unless you see it from the front.Organic ELYaFEDWill the appearance of monitors for PCs using next-generation displays such as when will they appear around?

So, tomorrowJune 28Thursday. In 1193, the violent of the Soge brothers, one of the three major victims of Japan, occurred, the coronation ceremony of the Queen Victoria was carried out in 1858, and in 1894 the day of the worker was established as the official holiday of the United States of America . In 2006 Montenegro joined the United Nations. In 1712, Jean-Jacques Rousseau of "Social Contract theory" gave birth to Shinwa Shinsuke who also served as the third generation chairperson of a smile with one of "Tempuruk Trio" in 1930. In the battle of Government, Cao Cao The defeated Yuan Temple died of disease in 202.

Today's headline news.

A Study on Eye Fatigue by LCD Monitor (Liquid Crystal Display)(Hardware, difference of liquid crystal panel seen from enlarged image of monitor surface)

Miyahan.com WUXGA High Resolution Widescreen Liquid Crystal Display Selection - How to Read Product Specs · Glossary Glossary? Common sense full of mistakes?(Hardware, catalog numbers need not be higher)

BRAVIA special planning household appliances My com journal which can change wall color of Sony building from the Web(Net service, period is from June 27 to September 26 from 19 o'clock to 23 o'clock)

Painful news (No ∀ `)" 2channel "has" browsing experience "77.4%" writing in "11% Writing most is 12 to 19 years generation ... Nikkei(The Internet, the latter half of 20's are browsing more than half, and the teenagers mostly write)

Kyuma Defense Minister: Ballistic missile attack can be eliminated "99%" - Government: MSN Everyday Interactive(It can be eliminated with 90% probability by defense, two stage intercept respectively)

Daily Thread Guide Democratic Party, Announcement of the Speech Committee in Akiba For some reason women representatives appeal in cosplay(Politics, I think that votes will not grow)

Declining voting power of "talent candidate" on casual days(Politics, the number of votes has dropped considerably in the upper house election in 2004 compared to 2001)

First of all, "eradicate the boss who is concerned about his / her departure time"(Work, negative negative to stress employees, negative comments "squid")

Do you wish to hatched with zero? - General system engineer's hard work [ITmedia Alternative · Blog](Words, if you handwritten, you do not mind so much, but it is hard to understand if it is printed)

Let's precisely set the setting time of the personal computer: ITpro(It is also important when bidding on a bid on PC, auction)

Mobile Business Study Group, Proposed Report(Mobile, bring out the BTO cell phone that is attached with the function quickly)

"I do not want to let go of memories" - Collected number of mobile phone recycling, decreasing trend continuing news - CNET Japan(Mobile, decreasing trend since 2000)

Launch Linux on Slashdot Japan W-ZERO 3(Mobile, operation confirmation is es only)

V8 engine PC case - NewsWalker.NET(Hardware, sound seems to be big)

Solid Alliance, motorcycle engine type USB Hub that reproduces exhaust sound and movement(Hardware, I like this wasted)

"Life Bank ONE" to change PET bottle to 1 yen Piggy Bank | Ameba News(Accessories, no liquid crystal, only counters)

GameSpark - World's first public release! "Hitman" Hollywood Movie Trailer(Shooting movies, movies screened at movie theaters)

Livedoor News - 【Electric Ball Play X】 It is a super machine exceeding DS and PSP! Game Boy Advance is a big transformation!(Games, somehow it coalesces in various ways)

Information shop. - Various celebrities like games(Entertainment, quite a lot)

Russian Gundam Otaku -Cool Cool Japan! It is! It is! Isa!(Cosplay, the face is exactly thought out)

From "Alfalfa Mosaic" "Everyone working at a PC assembling factory"(Image, a lot of cats)

Hamster bulletin 2 You guys, you are taught me a mysterious experience with a cat(Life, strange cat talk various)

Excavation science at penguin fossil, Peru, 42 million years ago YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Animals, penguins in temperate areas)

Annual Damage to IT Countermeasure in Fiscal Year 100 Billion Yen Excite News(It is rather scary to lose data due to living, thunder)

2007 version after-sales service satisfaction ranking [Part 1] (2007 version after-sales service satisfaction ranking): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Epson is overwhelming in business and personal computer)

CNN.co.jp Thief chasing a police officer, full power running also breathlessly proposed "arrest" and arrested - overbearing(I am worried about the crime, what kind of signature it was)

Painful news (No ∀ `) 【Light City / Mother and Child Murder】" I believed in Doraemon "" I want you to do something for Doraemon, "the former boy asked the defendant(Crime, this is not a reason to defend)

Pretending to be a non-existent taxpayer and imprisonment for embezzlement tax officials(Crime, even tax embezzled in Germany)

Purchased by the social insurance agency pension plan collected from everyone(Politics, is this exhausted and pensions remain?)

Pet bottle ban on City Hall San Francisco Excite News(Food, only PET bottle water was banned)
CNN.co.jp Allows use of marijuana as seasoning Indonesia - speech(Food, is it tasty?

GameSpark - Today's piece "Sonic the Ketchup"(Food, the bottle is blue from ketchup)

Frequently visited national chain ramen shop ranking - goo ranking(There is no image that food, noodles shop is the ramen shop)

Things that can be relieved when entering a refrigerator Ranking - goo ranking(Food, eggs have a short expiration date is neck)

Canned beverages whose contents are unknown "Anything" is very popular | Ameba News(Food, I'd like you to sell this in Japan as well)

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