Headline news on May 18, 2007

A single mother Christina leaves a baby who will be 10 months and a case with a gun shoot his head and dies. Although it seemed to commit suicide with things left in the table on the table, the blood attached to the gun was not attached to the hand, so the investigation progressed as a murder case. Meanwhile, Joanna, a deputy sheriff McKean who was likewise loved like her daughter, was killed and a trial of the arrested suspect was held. The defense side hires an insect scientist Mark Sayer, who exploits science for gold, as an expert and insists on not guilty.

So, tomorrow at 22 o'clockBroadcast at WOWOWBe done"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"So there seems to be a scientific confrontation between Entomologist Mark and Grissom. This time we will analyze flies, but flies in EuropeWhat a demon that stuck to humans turns into somethingIt is said,It also mediates O157 and influenza virusThere are also survey results saying that, from human beings are pretty disliked. It seems to be used for alibi work in the drama, but how does the insect scholar use flies to produce alibis?

And next MondayMay 21. In 1904 the International Football Confederation (FIFA) was founded, and in 1927 Charles Lindbergh succeeded in flight of the Atlantic alone without landing. In 1938, "Tsuyama 30 murderer" occurred in 30 people in the village in Okayama prefecture Tomoda gun one after another. In 1978 Narita International Airport opened. Also, in 1173 the founder of Shin Buddhism and Shinran gave birth to Ryosuke Usagaki in 1837, Ryomi U.S., who sang the theme song of "Mononoke Mononoke" in 1971, the grand priesthood in 252, the grand priesthood in 1928 Hideyo Noguchi who is a portrait of a thousand yen bill died.

Today's headline news.

Japanese consciousness about IT investment is lowest in the world, Gartner investigation(The difference is more than three times as much as business, compared with Italy in second place)

Business Media Makoto: The center of iTunes podcast usage layer is young people and high income group - US survey(Net service, nearly doubled from other generations)

Apple's "iPhone" passed the FCC test, approved for sale in the US: ITpro(Mobile, Asia sales planned for 2008)

ITmedia News: "Do not Infect with Viruses" Many Clicks on Advertisements(Security, obviously suspicious though it clicks)

From the management strategy of the bank, manage the bread of the general shareholders meeting! Excite News(Overseas, Oshihara Oyama)

Designate the Bible as an obscene document! Hong Kong censorship authorities rush to complaints | Excite News(Overseas, over 800 people complained to censorship authorities)

Painful news (No ∀ `): 500 thousand fish float in the contaminated river and are delighted that it is a big catch of neighborhood residents ... China(Overseas, a river where 500,000 fish or more fish appears at once)

I'm sorry, please get off the train and push it! Excite News(Overseas, press 4 meters over an hour)

Game * Spark -: Police assassinate a private house by mistaking Lara Croft doll as a robber(Overseas, the doll seized by the police)

Pirated software usage rate, slightly decreasing by individuals, greatly decreasing with corporations - China | Internet | My Computer Journal(Copyright, original piracy rate is amazing)

Arrested by one copy of this album Such a case will increase in future(Copyright, all sentences are manually analog input)

Uratan ~ Adult spy diary ~ / deep darkness of the Osaka rape incident to humanity / Mine(Crime, full of mysteries)

Slashdot Japan | Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for High Risk Study(Learning will increase the number of innovative research by learning)

⊂ ✿ ◯ ◯ Д Я Я Я speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ∩ __ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ __(Image, rather rather calm)

RTX cooling glove which calms body heat quickly: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Accessories, adjusting blood temperature by collecting blood flow in the palm)

White tooth with black toothbrush | Excite News(Accessories, platinum colloidal ceramics-filled toothbrush)

Attracting Heterosexuality "Tooth Force" - [Adult Oral Care] All About(Beauty, how to make white teeth)

How is the body of big eating out on TV different from ordinary people?(Beauty, if you do not eat it is fat constitution)

Most male bloggers think that most female bloggers are "pretty cute"(The one who thought that it is cute because it can not see anything is mentally good)

Meaning that the search results themselves have value * Person's book that makes homepages(Net service, Google blog search is quite convenient)

"Spam will not come even if you write the address on 2 chan" Free Webmail(Internet service, Web mail that basically blocks all mails from the beginning)

Eco bag made of recycled material of fully recycled type was adopted as a plastic shopping bag common to department stores across the country(Environment, bringing bags yourself if you buy this)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" What should I do if an accident happens in this can "Arrested a staff member who struck a high school student to abandon an empty can(Environment, how do you hit to get arrested by Mazui?)

If you aim for a one-shot capital ... BIG and Jumbo? -topic! News: Isa!(Gamble, jumbo is popular in the department, 1st class appears with 100% probability)

Tetris Online Japan Ltd. - Tetrisonline Japan Inc.(Game, online Tetris official site)

If you reduce the copy fee, the overtime will be gone(Business, half trimmed cost reduction trap)

Tel-east, relay the case of a hefty incident. ...... In anime.(Coverage, the consistency of TV Tokyo is amazing)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: arbitrarily traffic volume survey(Transportation, time seems to be delayed)

Game * Spark -: Overseas analysts anticipate price cuts for the PS3 body. Why summer?(Game, PS 3 will catch up with Wii?

(Also) Advertise PlayStation 3 with images from Xbox 360 games - Engadget Japanese(Game, it's fine to use a completely new image so it's fine)

Dante play video is released on the official website of "Devil May Cry 4"(Game, after all Dante is good)

92% of small 5 "nationwide questionnaire on" game owned "PTA(Games, children playing games for ages 18 and over)

Do not buy tea - [Saving · · ·] All About(Food, cost performance problem)

Morinaga Milk Industry, ice confection bar ice "Sunkist Rich Valencia Orange Bar" etc. released(Food, flavor of lemon & lime is also released simultaneously)

Taste of flavorful rich sesame oil and glue Enlarged with popularity, this year is also an appearance for a limited time only. "Kappa Boshensei Korean paste flavor"(Food, bags that my eyes are going to hurt)

Peanut series Milky taste of condensed milk "Vanilla milk" New release!(Snoopy for food, package)

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