Verify the ring volume of Advanced / W-ZERO 3 [es] with movies

WILLCOM 's latest smartphoneAdvanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]However, compared to the conventional W - ZERO 3 series, I tried to verify the size of the ring tone with the movie.

It may be a reference for those who have troubled small ringtones of the conventional W - ZERO 3 series, or those who do not feel like buying a ringtone if it is not big.

Playback is from the following.
I tried arranging it like this.

The actual comparison movie is here. W - ZERO 3, W - ZERO 3 [es], Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es] in this order.

The maximum volume is clearly rising, making it quite easy to hear. However, it is cracked if raised to the maximum, so be careful. It may be good news for users who carry it in a bag. It seems to be useful for playing movies and listening to music, too.

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