Advanced / W-ZERO 3 [es] started reservation, confusion also with new discount service

Today WILLCOM 's latest model "Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]Since the shop front reservation of "was started, I went to the reservation at once. This time I decided to book "BIC camera Namba store"is.

Long-term discount service including installment sales that WILLCOM began with the release of "Advanced / W-ZERO 3 [es]" during the reservation procedureW-VALUE SELECTThere was also a sight that the user who came to make a reservation is somewhat confused by the introduction.

Details are as follows.
When I headed to the store according to the opening time at 10 a.m., a user who seems to come to reserve Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es], goes inside by about 4 to 5 people at the same time of opening Where was. After that I go inside, wait for the turn and reserve at the counter. The following is the report.

The new contract was 29800 yen with "Willcom flat rate plan" and "data fixed amount" or "Real Internet plus" subscription, whereas the other plan was 34800 yen with an annual contract. If you use more than 10 months, change the model to 34800 yen by subscription to flat rate plan, 39800 yen when not subscribing. By the way, at BIC camera Namba shop, we had to pay the full amount of the terminal fee with advance payment at the time of reservation.

· Delivery date
Basically on July 19th of the release date. In case of emergency, it may be about to go back and forth.

It is not decided from the beginning that "○ ○ shop is ×× machine", but it seems that inventory will be distributed to each BIC camera shop according to the number of reservations. In other words, does not a particular store have any advantage?

· Concern about "W-VALUE SELECT"
W-VALUE SELECT ", a long-term discount service including installment sales, introduced for model change in accordance with the release of Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es], but applies the conventional model change and" W - VALUE SELECT " A user who misunderstood the changed model heard that the person in charge was listening to the price of 54240 yen at the time of purchase of lump sum payment.

It seems that it is difficult for users who have no prior knowledge about "W - VALUE SELECT" and are unfamiliar with installment sales, even if the basic fee is discounted, it is difficult to accept that the terminal fee becomes expensive.

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