Headline news on 29th June 2007

Anonymous phone calling to inform the police station of the murder case enters. When the police rushed, a man living alone lived in the chest and was dead. A deceased man is hirsutism due to a genetic abnormality and numerous body hair is growing from the whole body, and bullets found at the site were made of silver. Beside the broken window, the brother of a deceased man 's fiancée, a fingerprint of a person who is also a close friend, in the house some intimidation emails from managers of online gambling were left.

Well, tomorrow at 22 o'clockWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"Synopsis of episode 11. In the story of tomorrow the silver bullet has faith in the West that it is a useful weapon to beat wolves and devils. IBM's computer scientist Frederic Brooks argued that there is no magic solution to solve all problems in software design, "There is no silver bullet", so perfect software in the field of software engineering There seems to be something used in a negative sense for those who are seeking design.

So, next MondayJuly 2. In 1582 Hashiboshi beat Mitsuhide Akechi, 1900 succeeded in the first flight of a rudder airship in Germany in 1900. And in 1950 the Kinakakuji arson incident occurred and in 1985 the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the Halley's Comet Explorer Giot. In addition, in 1905, Ishikawa Tatsuzo, the first Akutagawa prize winner, was born. In 1946 a comedian comedian Nishikawa Kiyoshi was born, in 1952 Ryumiko Koyanagi was born, and in 1566 Nostradamus died.

Today's headline news.

High-tech toy gathers "Tokyo Toy Show 2007" opening(Toy, transformer type iPod speaker also appeared)

O ☆ ☆ Schedule No. 4's "Tokyo Toy Show 2007" Report ☆ Schedule - Otaku Schedule Book -(Toy, new exhibition Gundam as well)

Yahoo! News - Sankei Shimbun - Yokohama Girls' Collapse Death "Heiwa Iriomi" A dangerous pitfall for children(It seems that the fear of high places is thin and the possibility of falling is likely to increase)

"Three days unbearable to listen" Mr. Motomura, resentful mother and child murder retreat trial | case trial | society | Sankei WEB(Trial, it is natural that he got angry if he told Doraemon at trial)

Is it a lie or truth? A former employee reveals Google's work environment and treatment news - CNET Japan(Is work, Google's workplace not as good as everyone wants?

Personal information etc. leaked with file exchange software - security company in Tokyo: Security NEXT(Security, experts also information leakage with file exchange software)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - File exchange software such as Winny, about 9% who are currently using at home(Software, I do not think people using it is too dangerous)

Lieutenant 90 kilometers per hour of tamper evident tampering reached 90 kilometers Excite News(Police, disposal is reduced monthly)

30% of city bus driver, annual income over 10 million Kobe(Work, the average annual income of the city bus driver as a whole is about 8.90 million yen)

Livedoor News - In 2006, which country has "Millionaire" increased most?(Economy, two countries increased by more than 20%)

Asahi.com: reporter, Matsumoto Sarin got lucky as an attorney for culprit reporting - Society(Because the mass communication, it is mostly the same tone)

Study group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to draft a review of the electric wave usage fee for TV broadcasting Proposed draft: ITpro(Broadcasting, reexamination of electric wave usage fee with bandwidth less than actually used frequency bandwidth)

Japan HP, selling server machines for a limited time on the 10,000 yen scale: ITpro(PC, 18,900 yen with minimum configuration until September 27)

Mobile phone: "I do not want to see a man of Dasai model" Woman consciousness survey (infostand) - goo news(Mobile, ring tones are also check items)

$ Dropdb Life - Do not forward cell phone mails or get messy.(Love, peep at each PC)

ITmedia News: 80% "Phone number, I can not remember"(I can not believe my old self who was remembering all the phone numbers of my friends and phones)

Frequent Account · Hacking "RMT" Online · Game to the hotbed of crime: ITpro(Crime, stealing account information of electronic money together with game account information)

Forest of Window - 【Today's favorite】 Time-up is flashing on screen! "Flash timer"(Software, notify the time by blinking the screen without sound)

GameSpark - "TUMIKI Fighters" Japan's famous freeware finally entered the Wii worldwide!(I hope to deliver it even in Japan, Japan)

GameSpark - Horror FPS at Nintendo DS "Dementium The Ward" trailer(If you make silent hill games overseas, it will be like this)

WIRED VISION / Theme Theme "Realistically Interactive Game"(Game, operate games with sensors embedded in underwear)

"Education subjects" list learned by Nintendo DS - [Nintendo game] All About(Game, science less few)

President Sony Midori: "PS3 business is maddening to death" - Engadget Japanese(Game, you did not seriously ever)

Jobs internal keynote · Is next-generation iPod equipped with OS X? - Engadget JapaneseWhat do you do with OS X on iPod, music player?

Apple is not concerned about sluggish sales of "iPod" ─ Jobs CEO = WSJReuters.co.jp(How much can you sell iPod and iPhone?)

CNN.co.jp "Live Earth" detailed announcement, viewable in over 100 countries worldwide - entertainment(Music, a concert appealing for solving the problem of global warming)

CNN.co.jp Harry Potter Completion Edition, the number of reservations increased by 17% of previous work - Entertainment(Publishing, stock price of Bloomsbury, which has copyright, is also rising)

Kita Sakae Book | Why did "Azumanga Daioh" give a shock to "them"? / Why did "Azumanga Daioh" give a shock to the generation of "Bokura"? Talk about (brute interpretation and thought.) Revised edition(Think of manga, four-frame big bang phenomenon)

Popular Takehara Shinji blog "Even so sugotai suffered" | Ameba News(Blog, "popular explosion with" "That's it.")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Appreciate the junction(Image, I will imagine congestion by all means)

SE, of course it's a blind touch, right? / Tech Research Institute(Technology, high speed typing with blind touch is cool)

I surpassed Billy's Boot Camp! Is it? "INS-TAN-ABS" POPP P O P that the abdominal muscle breaks in only one day(It seems like ...... it is certainly broken)

Lawson 'Thank you Okinawa thanks sale' held(Food, Okinawa fair started from July 3)

Bread named "Commemorative Bread", what do you celebrate? Excite News(Food, sweet beans in dough)

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