Evolutionary diagram of web browser

The world's first web browser is "WorldWide WebHowever, at that time it could only handle text. Images were able to be displayed since Mosaic appeared in 1993. It is an evolutionary diagram of such a browser. IE and FireFox which currently occupy most of the market share the same roots, there are browsers that keep walking on their own paths, it is very interesting.

Details are as follows.
Timeline of Web Browsers

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Picoodle / svg raster Image

Figures are for 1993MosaicFrom there, from thereNetspace NavigatorWhenInternet ExplorerYou will see how it breaks up.OperaWhenICabIt is interesting that he is walking his own way and seeing various connections.

16:33 Addendum:Foguku blogThere was also a storyteller that there is a systematic diagram. This was previously written in GIGAZINE, but I added it because I have forgotten in related articles.

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