I tried 3 kinds of Mos Burger's summer Nan · tacos and a mysterious straw

Nan · tacos of summer which is being released at Mos Burger nationwide since Friday, June 22 "Nan · tacos cheddar cheese sauce"Nan · Tacos Mexican Moresourse"When"Nan · tacos hot spicy sauceI tried it.

And at the same time released a straw with cold milk drinking and drinking mysterious straw changing taste "Sipahh (Shipper)I also tried the chocolate, banana and strawberry flavor of. It is a strange association between Nan · tacos and milk, what kind of taste is it?

Details are as follows.
I bought a lot of paper bags as usual.

Inside contains "Nan · Tacos Cheddar Cheese Sauce", "Nan · Tacos Mexican Moresource" and "Nan · Tacos Hot Spicy Sauce" and "Sipahh (Shipper)" chocolate, banana and strawberry flavor.

"Nan · Tacos Cheddar Cheese Sauce" "Nan · Tacos Mexican Morusource" and "Nan · Tacos Hot Spicy Source".

This is "Nan · tacos cheddar cheese sauce". It is a product that has gained popularity every year.

This is "Nan · tacos Mexican Moreres". Somehow color and name are mysterious sources, but in Mexico it seems to be popular used for home cooking.

And "Nan Tacos Hot Spicy Source". He said he is using a rather spicy tomato-based sauce that uses habanero and jalapeño.

I put it side by side. "Cheddar cheese sauce" "Mexican morusource" and "Hot spicy sauce" from the left.

A mysterious straw "Sipahh (Shipper)" which changes taste just by drinking straws in milk looks like this. It seems like a straw to purify rain water for survival somehow.

I tried it in a cup containing cold milk. It seems that 200 ml of milk is necessary.

Although I tried to eat, "Cheddar cheese sauce" is a popular match with meat and cheddar cheese sauce abundantly used, crispy tomatoes and lettuce, crispy tortilla. Next, "Mexican Moresourse", it was a complex taste that I had never had in the past. If it says strictly it pulls out the tomato fraction from the pizza sauce and adds the taste of meat to it, plus herbal smell, it is likely to go well with vegetables. I have never tried it, but maybe Mexican food is such a taste. And "Hot spicy sauce" is very compatible because it is used in balanced fruit of peppers like Tabasco used for sauce and sweet seasoned meat. Tomatoes and lettuce were also loaded on the bowls, and they really felt "I am eating tacos".

Although it tends to be hard to eat as a whole, it is a dish with a very large volume that makes it possible for a single stomach to be full.

And although it is "Sipahh (shipper)", I will taste the milk that I drank when I was a child "Mill MakeIt reminded me of the taste. If you try to drink strongly, the taste will be diminished, so it may be nice to take a slow drink.

For the product, the following links are detailed.

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