The lake in Chile was annihilated in 2 months

It seems that strange phenomena are occurring in South America · Chile. It is said that the lake that was supposed to have been in March, when it went in May completely disappeared. What happened to this lake in just two months?

Details are as follows.
Melted ice came in from this nearby glacier and it seems that when the Chilean Forest Security officer patroled in March, there was no change in the 2-ha lake, but in the lake it was huge It was discovered that there was a hole in it. Around this time there were frequent small earthquakes and in April we had cracks in the bottom even in the lakes of neighboring areas and this time also an earthquake occurred around the lake and cracks in the bottom of the lake It seems that it is thought that water has come out from there.

Detailed pictures can be seen below. The first piece is still in the lake when there is water, and there are places where water is left in the edge as you see from the second piece onward, but only the dry cracks are seen in the center You can see.

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The article dealing with this news is as follows. It is picked up by CNN and BBC.

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