Four tasting reviews including Mr. Donut's "Teriyaki Chikimpai"

From March 12th (Wednesday), Mr. Donut released a new "Terriyaki Chikimpai" and renewed "Mature Sausage Egg Pie" so I went to the neighbor Mister Donuts. The previous4 types of reviews including "raspberry cheese pie"So it was only dessert-based pie, but this time it's the only main pie that I could go on as a main.

Review from below.
Pie New Item | Mister Donut

This time there is one box.

I'm tightly packed. I bought as many as Teriyaki chikimpai 4, Frank pie 1 and the remaining number was mixed.

Shrimp gratin pie.

The crispy pie cloth and the shrimp and corn pre-shrimp are delicious. The sauce is just gratin and it is tasty even if it is cold. The flavor is quite rich.

Frank pie (double source).

BBQ sauce and mustard double sauce, but mustard is not too hard. Although it looks a bit less satisfying than other pies, when you eat it, the wiener is big enough to eat and respond adequately.

Mature Sausage Egg Pie. It has been renewed.

Perfect for breakfast. A rough and semi-oily egg matches exquisitely with ham. It is a pie although it has plenty of yellow taste, but feeling that thirst is not very much.

And a new product Teriyaki Chikimpai.

Unlike Terriyaki Burger, a unique Turiyaki sauce like taste like onion gratin soup is good. Teriyaki chicken is large and pleasant and very satisfied.

I felt it even in the last pie, but I am amazed by the high product development capabilities of Mr. Donut. I'm going to give you something to make burger kind.

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