Misdo's crispy meal pie ``Curry pie made with 36 kinds of spices'' ``Chicken and macaroni Genovese pie'' ``Potato bacon pie'' Tasting review

Three types will be added to Mister Donut's

Miss Dogohan series for a limited time from Wednesday, April 3, 2024: ` `Curry pie made with 36 spices, '' `` Chicken and macaroni Genovese pie ,'' and ` `Potato bacon pie .'' It is said that all the pies are finished with just the right volume that is perfect for lunch, so I actually tried eating them to check the taste and volume.

Limited time pie|Mister Donut

Arrived at Mister Donut.

When I entered the store around 2:00 pm, there were plenty of the three types of pies I was looking for on display.

So, I bought two each of ``curry pie made with 36 spices,'' ``chicken and macaroni Genovese pie,'' and ``potato bacon pie'' and brought them home.

First of all, I will try eating 'curry pie made with 36 kinds of spices'.

Comparing the size with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

When you cut it in half and look at the cross section, it looks like this. Contains plenty of chopped ingredients.

Since it says ``36 kinds of spices,'' I was imagining that ``the flavor of the spices would stand out, which is different from ordinary curry.'' But when I actually tried it, I realized that it was a familiar Japanese curry. Finished with a taste of. Also, the curry is sweet with zero spiciness, so even those who don't like spiciness will have no problems. The pie is crispy and has a good texture, and it disappears in no time as you munch on it. For this reason, I felt that having just one 'curry pie made with 36 spices' was not enough for lunch.

Next, I will try 'Chicken and Macaroni Genovese Pie'.

It is smaller than 'Curry pie made with 36 kinds of spices'.

The pie was filled with green Genovese sauce, chicken, and macaroni. You can fully enjoy the scent of basil and the punchy taste of garlic, so it is highly recommended for people who like pizza and pasta using Genovese sauce. However, chicken and macaroni were integrated with the sauce and had a weak presence.

Finally, I will try 'Potato Bacon Pie'.

The size is like this.

The cross section looks like this. Paste-like potatoes are spread along the pie dough.

There were a few small pieces of bacon in it. Although the amount of bacon was small, the saltiness of bacon and the taste of pork were spread throughout, and no matter which part I ate, I could feel the sweetness of potatoes and the umami of meat. The paste-like potatoes make each bite heavy, so even one piece of 'Potato Bacon Pie' may be enough to fill some people's stomachs.

'Curry Pie Made with 36 Spices,' 'Chicken and Macaroni Genovese Pie,' and 'Potato Bacon Pie' are all 248 yen including tax for takeout and 253 yen including tax for eat-in, and will be available from Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Available for a limited time only.

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