I tried three kinds of misdo's limited-time pies such as 'Koku deep caramel pie' full of rich caramel cream

Mister Donut's fall and winter limited pies are ' rich caramel pie ' wrapped in caramel cream with a crispy pie kneaded with caramel, ' rich chocolate pie ' wrapped in cocoa pie dough with bitter chocolate cream, and Camembert Gouda.・“ Four types of melty cheese pie ” using cream cheese combined with mascarpone and cheddar cheese appeared on October 5, 2022 (Wednesday). I was interested in a total of 3 types of pies, 2 types of sweet pies that are delicious even when warmed, and savory pies that are perfect for snacks and meals, so I bought them at Mister Donut and tried them.

Full-bodied caramel pie, rich chocolate pie, and 4 types of melty cheese pies are on sale! |Mister Donut


Arrived at Mister Donut.

I bought three kinds of limited-time pies and came back.

First of all, I will eat from 'Koku deep caramel pie'. The square-shaped pie was sprinkled with black five-brown sugar.

It is said that it is delicious even if it is warmed, so I will heat it in a 500 W microwave oven for about 20 seconds and eat it. Then, sweet and smooth caramel cream spread out from the crispy pie. The caramel cream has a slightly salty effect that further enhances the gentle sweetness, and the black five-brown sugar on top adds a mellow taste, making it a sweet pie that makes you feel relieved. rice field.

Next, I will eat 'rich chocolate pie'.

It looks like this when you cut it in half after warming it. The chocolate cream is bitter and the sweetness is modest, and the scent of cacao stands. When you warm it up, the flavor of the cocoa pie dough also stands out, so when you eat it, it is recommended to eat it after heating it.

Finally, I ate a savory pie 'Toro-ri 4 kinds of cheese pie'.

It looks like this when cut in half. The dough has a light and crisp texture, and the aroma of the crispy cheese on top is irresistible. In addition, the rich cream cheese overflows from the inside and the satisfaction is high, so it was a perfect dish when you were hungry during meals or snacks.

`` Rich caramel pie '', `` rich chocolate pie '', and `` 4 types of melty cheese pie '' will be available for purchase at Mister Donut from Wednesday, October 5, 2022, and all prices are 237 yen including tax for takeout. Eat-in is 242 yen including tax.

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