We tried comparing the cheapest servers of each manufacturer

In order to extend the service currently provided by GIGAZINE, it became necessary to purchase and examine the actual machine of the test server rather than the virtual environment in the end, so we tried out the best of each representative server maker at the moment We examined each low price server.

Since we are only comparing each with the minimum minimum configuration, it seems that the result will differ if you actually put together the options you need, but if you move anyway anyway it will do, it will do well if the load rises sequentially If you aim to use it as load balancing, it seems to be quite helpful.

Details are as below.
Below are all tax-inclusive prices at the moment and no shipping fee included. Since it is a thing that I copied while watching a site, pamphlet of a PDF file, etc., there may be a case that it is actually different. When referring to it is self-responsibility, let's inquire properly to the manufacturer of the vendor beforehand before purchasing ... ....

First from NEC who marked the lowest price this time. It's oddly cheap as it's in the campaign, but that should be that as well and there is no HDD. If HDD can be procured separately cheaply, it is quite a bargain.

■ Express5800 / 110Gd: Product Outline | G Model | PC Server | NEC 8th Avenue

Model name:N8100-1279Y Express5800 / 110Gd (C / 2.93G (256)) diskless model
CPU:Intel Celeron D Processor 341 (2.93 GHz, 256 KB L2 cache, FSB 533 MHz)
memory:512 MB
device:DVD-ROM drive (DVD: more than 6 times speed, maximum 16 times speed, CD: 20 times speed or more, maximum 40 times speed) × 1
Noteworthy matter:1000BASE-T standard equipment (× 1), with Remote Wake Up function, EXPRESSBUILDER (including NEC ESMPRO Manager, Agent) attached
price:17,850 yen(Usually 34,000 yen)

Next is HP, this is also the campaign price. Unlike NEC, even the lowest configuration can be used for the time being, and the scalability is also high. Since I can use PCI Express x16, if I mention graphic board etc., it seems that it is likely to become main machine as usual. That is wonderful. What is this.

■ HP Japan - HP ProLiant ML 115 - Showcase

Model name:HP ProLiant ML 115 /
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+ (2.2 GHz, 512 KB L2)
memory:512 MB (Advanced ECC, C2-5300 unbuffered DDR2 SDRAM (667 MHz))
HDD:80 GB SATA 7200 rpm drive
device:CD-ROM drive
Noteworthy matter:Onboard 4 port SATA controller (with integrated RAID function) (RAID 0, 1, 5), onboard NC320i PCI Express Gigabit server adapter
Price: 25,200 yen

Next is DELL. There is no CD-ROM drive, but option selection is possible at the time of purchase. It gets steadily higher as you stick together.

■ PowerEdge SC440

Model name:Dell PowerEdge SC 440 (400 units only 160GB HDD & amp; 512MB memory loaded special price package)
CPU:Intel Celeron D Processor 356 (3.33 GHz, 512 KB L2 Cache, EM 64 T, 533 MHz FSB)
memory:512 MB (1 x 512 MB 1 R) DDR 2/667 MHz No buffer SDRAM DIMM ECC
HDD:160GB 7200 rpm SATA II 3.5 "HDD
device:No built-in CD-ROM drive
Noteworthy matter:Onboard Broadcom Gigabit NIC installed
Price: 19,800 yen

Next is IBM. It is very similar to the HP model, but the HDD has a lot of capacity.

■ IBM - IBM System x 3105 - Japan

Model name:434724
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+ (2.2 GHz, 512 KB L 2)
memory:512 MB DDR 2 ECC
HDD:160 GB × 1 SATA (7, 200 rpm)
device:CD-ROM up to 48 times faster playback
Price: 37,800 yen

Next is Fujitsu. Since there is no HDD, there is a necessity of somehow but it may be interesting that it is made quiet. Is the point that the guarantee is 3 years even though others are one year old?

■ PC Server PRIMERGY (Primary)> TX150 S5 / TX150W S5 Description: Fujitsu

Model name:TX 150 W S5
CPU:Intel CeleronD Processor 346 [3.06 GHz]
memory:512 MB, ECC DDR 2 SDRAM DIMM
device:CD-ROM drive
Noteworthy matter:35 dB silent during operation, guarantee for 3 years, onboard SAS RAID 1 possible Hot plug compatible
Price: 47,250 yen

In summary it will look like this.

As of June 13, 2007
1st place: NEC (17,850 yen)
Second place: HP (25,200 yen)
3rd place: DELL (23,800 yen)
4th place: IBM (37,800 yen)
5th place: Fujitsu (47,250 yen)

The following Hitachi is actually in 5th place, but has already finished selling.

■ Hitachi Advanced Server HA 8000 series: Products
Model name:CE (disk model, GN ◇ 010CE- □□□□□□□□)
CPU:Intel CeleronD Processor 331 (2.66 GHz)
memory:256 MB (ECC DDR 2 533 Unbuffered DIMM)
HDD:80 GB (SATA II / 300 but operating on SATA / 150)
device:3.5-inch FDD (1.44 MB / 720 KB) × 1 drive, CD-ROM drive
Price: 46,800 yen

If you think at a more practical level, HP's "Hop · Step · Jump CampaignIn the campaign such as "campaign like 400,000 yen will reach the model with dual core Opteron, so if HP focuses on CPU speed HP may be balanced and the affinity may be high.

Also, we are selling servers at this levelLogical effectsIs it stupid? Because it becomes likely to cut out 30,000 yen if it comes with the minimum configuration.

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