Finally, high-speed, high-quality H.264 encoding software using PS3 "CodecSys CE-10" officially launched, for individuals as well

Previously in GIGAZINE Sony's PS3 is mounted in "Cell processorBy using the image compression standard that achieves both high image quality and small file sizeSoftware "CodecSys CE-10" capable of high-speed encoding to "H.264" has appearedWe announced the official release at last.

It's ridiculous software that it can encode ultra fast even with full high-definition movies, but it is also released for individuals.

Details are as below.
Fixstars, high-speed, high-quality H.264 software encoder using PS3
"CodecSys CE-10" series released
New appearance. This price with this image quality and speed.

According to this release, Fixstars said it will release the "CodecSys CE - 10" series of high - speed, high - quality H.264 encoding software utilizing PS 3 from today.

The sale is done in download form, price is maximum bit rate 15 Mbps, "CE - 10 Personal" for home users compatible with the Blu - ray standard is 19,800 yen per year. The created video can not be used for commercial purposes.

Also, the maximum bit rate of 150 Mbps, "CE-10 Professional" for professionals that supports Blu-ray standards and commercial use of created images will be sold at 198,000 yen per year or 24,800 yen per month In addition, in celebration of release, campaign will be implemented for users who purchased annual license in June, the license fee will be 20% OFF for the first year and the second and subsequent years.

Encode setting screen

The main screen looks something like this

For encoding, it is necessary to connect the PS3 and PC with Gigabit Ethernet compatible LAN cable.

By the way, the recommended PC specifications are RAID-0 or 0 + 1, RAID-5 configuration with CPU with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or higher and memory with 2 GB or more of memory and 1 GB or more free space. Display resolution is 1920 x 1200 or higher and OS is 32 bit Windows Vista or Windows XP.

The official page of "CodecSys CE-10" series is from the following. A 14-day free evaluation version is also available.

CE-10 | H.264 encoder CodecSys

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