Toshiba, who was defeated in the next-generation DVD war, announced a recorder that can record full high-definition video for a long time on DVD

At the end of March 2008We decided to withdraw from the company's next-generation DVD "HD DVD"Although Toshiba was virtually defeated by next generation DVD warfare, he announced a recorder that can record full high vision video on a conventional DVD for a long time.

Moreover, it is said that it also has a function that can enjoy the conventional DVD with high image quality.

Details are as follows.
About the release of new products of hard disk & DVD recorder "Valdea"

According to this release, Toshiba is planning to release new products "RD-X7", "RD-S502" and "RD-S302" of the hard disk & DVD recorder "VARDIA" series from the middle of June.

And "RD-X7" and "RD-S502" are the images of "MPEG2 (TS mode)" used in digital high-vision broadcasting into the latest video recording format "MPEG4 AVC (TSE mode)" with high compression efficiency By converting and recording it, you can record long full-time full HD video on a DVD for about 6 times as much as before, and 47 stages from 3.6 Mbps to 17 Mbps can be selected as the bit rate to be recorded, so recording It is possible to set preferences according to the program and the disk capacity to be.

The "RD-X7" which is the top model is equipped with a high-performance I / P converter & scaler "HQV ReonVX" that can enjoy existing DVDs in high definition, so you can enjoy DVDs with higher image quality than before I am doing. All prices are open price.

By the way, by recording with the latest video recording method "MPEG4 AVC (TSE mode)" with high compression efficiency, it will be possible to record for a long time even with a conventional DVD because Blu-ray disc If you record to the same way to the same way, I feel like it will be possible to record for a longer time ....

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