Digital watermarking technology of moving pictures which does not disappear even by recompression or digital / analog conversion appears

It seems that KDDI Laboratories has developed a digital watermarking technology for video that does not disappear even with recompression or digital / analog conversion, for the purpose of copyright protection etc.

KDDI Institute in GIGAZINE previouslyWe developed a video discrimination technology to automatically discriminate between professional and amateur with an accuracy of 98%I took up the fact that it is a tremendous technique as well.

Details are as follows.
Development of digital watermarking technology which does not disappear even by recompression of video or digital / analog conversion

According to this release, digital watermarking technology is currently being introduced into video contents for the purpose of protecting copyrights etc. However, it is possible to embed a lot of information without affecting image quality, and various conversion processes , The need for maintaining the embedded watermarks without disappearing is increasing.

Particularly in HDD recorders that have become widespread in recent years, recompression is often carried out in the HDD recorder when recording and storing broadcast programs, so digital watermarking technology that does not disappear even after recompression becomes important, and VHS Even video content recorded on analog equipment such as a video deck, it is said that digital watermark information is required to protect copyright.

And this time, the ultra high-speed MPEG video digital watermarking technology "MPmark (R)" developed in response to this is said that the digital watermark information will not disappear even if recompressed or recorded to analog equipment, as described below Even when recording with a recorder that does not record subtitles, it seems that it becomes possible to display subtitles by embedding data of data broadcasting as a digital watermark.

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