"Rakuchin Photo Search" to download all CC license photos from Flickr etc. all at once

This "Rakuchin Photo Search" is a beta version offered free of charge for the first 3000 names only, and "Photo collection"Or"Flickr"It corresponds to the free photo material search from such as, it can search all at once and be able to download all at once.

When I tried using it actually, it was quite convenient because it is possible to download commercially available images. It might be pretty good.

Download and actual usage is as follows.
Rakuchin Photo Search Public Beta Download

When you register your e-mail address, an automatic response mail arrives, and the download address of the beta program is written in it.

Launch the installer and click "Setup"

Click "OK"

Since user registration is not yet supported, click "No"

Finally click "OK" to finish

It starts like this when starting from the start menu

Click "Import"

Enter keywords and choose what to do with copyright

Then, when you click "Start Search", it will come out at the same time

An explanation will appear if you move the mouse cursor over the image

Click to select an image, or select "Select all" from "Edit" and select the image you want to download

Then click "Download"

Click "OK"

You can download the selected image file at once with gownown, this is handy

After downloading, you can select from "library" and use it

You can also change the folder where images are saved from "File" -> "Preferences"

The following functions can not be used in this beta version.

· Use of online user registration
· Use of "download store" as search destination
· Browsing Help of Rakuchin Photo Search (Operation explanation)

Also, this beta version will be automatically terminated on the earliest date of this product's release or July 31, 2007, and the search function of import from the web will be unusable after the end. Even so, it is quite light and exciting, it feels nice.

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