Gatorade melts teeth earlier than Coca-Cola?

Experiments actually conducted at the University of Iowa in the United States say that Gatorade is the cornerstone of teeth among Coca Cola, Diet Cork, Gatorade, Red Bull and 100% apple juice.

Gatorade is famous as a sports drink with the world's largest share, but what does this mean?

Details are as follows. & College Football Recruiting News >> Gatorade Destroys Your Teeth Faster than Coke

According to this article, tested tubes filled with coca cola, diet coke, Gatorade, Red Bull and 100% apple juice, respectively, were prepared with covered tooth with manicure enamel, exposed bare tooth root part I tried to soak the beverage for 25 hours while changing beverages every 5 hours and found that different results were obtained depending on the beverage.

First, in the case of the exposed part of the tooth, all the drinks resulted in corrosion of the teeth, whereas in the case of the part covered with enamel it was called Gatorade, Red Bull and Coca Cola, diet coke and 100% apple juice It seems that we corroded teeth in order.

And when comparing at the tooth root part, corrosion was seen in the order of Gatorade, Red Bull, 100% apple juice, Coca Cola, Diet Coke.

By the way, in Gatorade and Coca-Cola, Gatorade contains 6% sugar and Coke seems to contain 10% sugar, but why is Gatorade with less sugar melting teeth as a result It is not mentioned.

The researcher Michael Ignelzi who is researching children's teeth at the University of Michigan said that there is no evidence that sports drinks are not better than other drinks.

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