Olympic athlete's health condition is lower than normal

Olympians who participate in the Olympics even among athletes are the existence of the athlete's vertex which trained the body to the limit. However, Olympic athletes who do not neglect body care are almost neglected about dental health, and many players have unhealthy teeth than ordinary people. It is pointed out that by improving the health of teeth, it is possible to expect an increase in the performance of Olympic athletes.

Your teeth are probably better than an Olympian's | Ars Technica

Most players competing in the Olympic Games have athletes who train the body to the utmost limit, and there are few ordinary people who have a body stronger than the Olympian. However, with regard to the health condition of teeth, it is clear that about half of American adults have healthier teeth than Olympic athletesStudy of CDCI know that. Incidentally, it is clear from this study that one out of three Olympic athletes has gingivitis, such as athletes' tooth health is neglected.

Dr. Ian Needleman, co-author of the aforementioned research papers, explained to Ars Technica the risk factors for dental health facing the Olympic players. According to Dr. Needleman, there is enough data to explain that it is adversely affected by immune training by very strict training. In addition, Dr. Needleman says that a long-running training puts the mouth in a dehydrated state, so that reducing the saliva that protects the teeth is detrimental to the health of the athlete's teeth.

According to Dr. Needleman, despite the surprisingly many Olympic players who suffer tooth health, most of the athletes have received little dental care. It is the same even if you are an athlete in a wealthy country that does not receive dental care support. According to a questionnaire survey targeting about 300 athletes held at the London 2012 Olympics in 2012, 9% of people never ever took dentists before.

According to further research, it is said that the condition of dental health is a universal problem for Olympic athletes around the world, and there was no difference as to whether the athlete's country of origin is a developed country or a developing country.

As mentioned above, Dr. Needleman, who is at the highest level athlete who participates in the Olympic Games, has health problems with his teeth, because intensive training programs supporting athletes deprive opportunities to access other services I think that it is not. Although medical attention has been taken into medical training, training on dental health has not been advanced yet. "Players may not be able to find time (attend dentists) and may not have given high priority".

However, since the London Olympics, the importance of dental health for athletes' performance upgrades is being reexamined. America's Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD) has asked the US Olympic Community (USOC) to implement a program to maintain and improve dental health, and 95% of women's hockey teams have resolved problems such as tooth decay Thing. ASD's Rick Nordton dentist believes that the health condition of a tooth affects the athlete's performance and may transform a loser into a gold medalist.

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