A 14 - year - old girl who weightlifting nearly twice his / her weight

As a player who weighs weight, he tends to imagine a masochistic man with muscles, but he seems to have a 14-year-old girl who can weight lifting nearly twice his own weight.

Details are as below.
Britain's strongest girl: The 14-year-old who can lift twice her own body weight | Mail Online

Zoe Smith, a 14-year-old, is a student with a height of about 157 cm and a weight of about 57 kg. She is not a look like a bodybuilder, but "Clean & amp; Jerk"It is said to be able to handle a 95 kg barbell that added two thirds of his weight in a competition that lifts up to the shoulder once it is called, once it is called a shoulder.

Zoe to weightlifting.

The usual appearance is like this.

Zoe isCommonwealth GamesIt has the ability to take a gold medal at the youth competition of the United Kingdom Olympic Association athlete of the year, it also has a world record that total 159 kg weightlifting is carried out. It is said that Zoe, who started weightlifting since he was 12 years old, is a player expected also in the 2012 Olympic Games.

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