A filter function that can turn off notifications from outside the followers to Twitter is implemented, the usage is like this

On Twitter, responses from others such as 'reply', 'good likes' and 'retweets' to their tweets will fly as notifications. At first, various reactions are happy, but as tweets are retweeted by many people, we will notify you that we have not followed up by Twitter users who have not been followed by Twitter users, so the notification will be the number of tons Sometimes a really important notice is buried. A new filtering function that seems to be useful for people with such "Notice is not functioning almost!" Has been implemented on Twitter.

It makes it easier to control by yourself | Twitter Blogs

A notification setting is newly added to turn off notifications from outside the followers on Twitter and to turn off the same content tweets from the same account and automatically generated tweet notifications. This function is planned to be sequentially installed in the user's account, and only one "quality filter" of the new function was implemented in the account of GIGAZINE editorial department.

How to use such a new function is easy, and tap "Notice" on Twitter.

In case of iOS version application, setting button will appear in the upper left of the screen, so tap this.

When "Quality filter" displayed on this screen is turned on, a filter that uses various factors including account vocalization is applied. For example, you will not receive notifications of tweets with the same content from the same account or automatically generated tweets. However, it does not filter on notifications from accounts that users follow or accounts that users send reply tweets, so you can turn them on and off at any time.

Tap "Only people you follow" if you want to turn off notifications from outside the followers. Then, the notification from outside the follower is turned off, making it difficult to overlook important notices such as conversations with followers.

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