WILLCOM successfully expanded PHS area using CATV network

J: COM of WILLCOM and cable television (CATV) seems to have succeeded in demonstration experiment to expand PHS service utilizing the cable TV network. This makes it possible to realize the use of PHS in areas where radio waves were blocked, such as shadows of mountains and shade of buildings, which was difficult to realize in the past.

PHS has a weak point that the communication area in the region is narrow compared to mobile phones, but as this widens the available area, it will be helpful for travel and business trips, etc.

Details are as follows.
WILLCOM | Expansion of PHS service using cable television network - Successful demonstration experiment -

According to this release, within the cable television network of J: COM, a limited service area consisting of 10 prototype base stations was constructed and the connection rate of the outgoing / incoming call from the PHS terminal, the call quality, the data communication speed , It was confirmed that the quality equivalent to the current PHS service (connection rate 99% or more, data communication speed 300 kbps or more) was confirmed. In addition, the handover process instantaneously switches the base station when the terminal moves is also successful.

From these results, it is expected that by connecting the cable television network and the PHS operators to the IP network, it is expected that mobile communication can be easily realized where radio waves have been blocked, which was difficult to realize so far .

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