Paragliding movie that rolls forward just in the acrobat

In the acrobat of the paraglider, especially the paraglider called the tumbling, there is a great thing that the reader is going forward in succession, we got the information from the reader. We will also introduce the information on the movie what kind of thing we have combined so we will introduce it.

Details are as below.
Infiniti tumbling which beautifully endlessly and continuously forwards. Because it is a dangerous technique with a high degree of difficulty, it seems that only a few people in the world can do it.
YouTube - Ritmic SAT & Infinity Tumbling

This is normal tumbling.
YouTube - Nice tumbling

A movie of taking a picture of acrobatics from under. Please be careful for easy getting sick.
YouTube - Paragliding acro Raoul Rodriguez onboard cam at icare cup

I saw Infiniti Tumbling with a pilot perspective.
YouTube - Infinty tumbling

Technique to rotate horizontally, SAT.
YouTube - Hook en SAT

Overwhelming acrobat movie by Paraglider Acrobat World Champion, Raul Rodriguez.
YouTube - Raul Rodriguez acro

Also a movie of Rodriguez. It shows a beautiful acrobatic flight to the edge of landing.
YouTube - Raul Rodriguez Vertigo 2006 final run

You can also see magnificent paragliding movies from the following links.

SOL Paragliders - Videos

Red Bull Vertigo Video Gallery

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