I ate all of "Chalemera Collection Yakisobu 5 Food Pack" at once

I tried to eat "Charmera Collection Yakisobu 5 Food Pack" released on January 15 from Akashi at a stretch. Indeed it makes me feel like I was a cook at the cafeteria if I make 5 meals at once.

It seems that the original spice of Mr. Minoru Sano of the shop owner "Soba Soba" and what kind of taste it is.

Details are as below.
Chalmera Collection Yakisoba 5 Food Pack

A bag of 1 serving is like this.

Spicy seems to contain curry powder.

The inside is like this.

I opened it all.

First put noodles in boiling water.

Since it does not enter, spread and put it in.

Simmer for 3 minutes, loosen with chopsticks

Powdered powder soup.

Mix and make it.

I will put items that I procured at the supermarket.


When I tried it at once, it turned out to be a serious flavor of authentic ramen. In the bag I write spice as you like, but it will be totally different taste if you put this in and not. It is the taste of mediocre instant noodles like anywhere you do not have spices in it, but when you put it you get rich and deep and it becomes a deep flavor that it seems to come out at a ramen shop.

It was 450 yen without tax of the suggested retail price this time because it purchased at a convenience store, but it was taste that fits the price. If you have this spice, other instant noodles are likely to be upgraded.

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