"Kyoto pork bone soy sauce ramen" is not as spicy as the package looks

The longevity renewed on October 1st is "Kyoto pork bone soy sauce ramen (231 yen including tax)I bought it. As a lot of red spices were floating in the picture of the package, I ate with expectation of spicy, but there was hardly pungent taste.

For details, open the lid from below and take out 3 inside pouches

Only quickly enter soup

Place the hot soup in a lid and wait for 4 minutes

When time comes, put liquid soup in and stir it, complete it if you put it in at last.

Although it is a taste, first of all, the feeling of heaviness of pig bones comes first, and light soy sauce is felt in the aftertaste. Rather than pork bone soy sauce, it is rather a bit of rice miso ramen. At the end, it is only green onion, but soon the soup has soaked in and it was not felt so much that the difference from the onega that entered from the beginning just like the other ramen. Since there is hardly any pungent taste, looking at the package and expecting a bit of spicyness seems to be a bit like a shoulder watermark.

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