I tried eating beef bowl + Udon "Nissin Bowl of Udon"

Although it is a new product released on January 15th, what I thought would be that kind of idea, just thinking to combine beef bowl and udon is something like a mine udon.

I tried to eat and made it immediately whether it is close to the taste of udon or the taste of beef bowl.
New sale of "Nissin cattle udon" udon with popular bowl menu "beef bowl" - GIGAZINE

Contents is like this. Nanami chili pepper is your choice.

Remove all the lid, put udon and pour hot water to disentangle

Pour soup and ingredients when you throw away hot water. The ingredients are simmered boiled beef with onions and onions.

Completion after pouring hot water

So, it is the taste of the taste of the key, but it is said that it is neither possible nor impossible. First of all, as a beef bowl, the taste of ingredients is beef bowl, but it is getting thin due to udon soup. So, udon itself is normal udon. However, since the fragrance is very strong, it is a feeling that it is "Gyudon !!" in any way, so the gap with the taste is unnecessarily large. I tried it with various patterns, such as eating udon while drinking soup or trying to eat the same amount of ingredients and udon, but after all I am "just udon". Perhaps the smell is very nice, so it would have been better if the taste was a bit stronger, but then would it make me hard to eat now ... ....? Or maybe they are supposed to put in Shichigori peppers. I can not reach the usual beef bowl when it is without seasoning. I feel that if I tweak a bit afterwards it will be gone ...... However, since really only fragrance is intense, if you make it in the workplace etc, it is only certain that you will receive a gaze of envy.

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