Unbelievable car chase and public road race movies

I tried collecting 4 movies that passed through cars at amazing speed and car chase. It is absolutely only driving that I do not want to run near.

The movie is from the following.
That name is "Ferrari Hunting". A man who discovers Ferrari on the way to Le Mans, with a skyline running near, Ferrari pulls through. The photographer's car seems to be Evo VI (Lancer Evolution VI).
YouTube - Evo 6 - Ferrari hunting

A movie that shot the state of the illegal race "Cannonball" that crosses America by ignoring the traffic regulations and the fastest on public roads. I am amazed at the number of cars and motorcycles participating.
YouTube - cannonball

In Russia, it looks like a car that is doing a public road race. I think that it is not amusing where accident happens.
YouTube - Russian Street Racing, Really Crazy.

A movie that skips the car as it seems to be late for work. Because it is fast turning, speed may not be a big deal, but driving is pretty messy.
YouTube - crazy driver

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