Starfox fans are making full efforts of "STARFOX Shadows of Lylat"

The overseas Starfox fans are currently developing the game "STARFOX Shadows of Lylat" with full support. Trailer movies, screenshots, BGM samples, etc. have already been released, and it seems that development is proceeding with tremendous quality. That being loved so far is amazing.

Let's take a look at the trailer movie quickly.
This is a trailer.

YouTube - Shadows of Lylat trailer

There is another one.

YouTube - Shadows of Lylat - The Attack Carrier

The official site is here. There is a link to a high-quality trailer movie at the bottom of the top page.

Shadows of Lylat

There are many screenshots under production below.

Screenshots - Game Warden Forums

It is awesome quality, but when will it be completed ...?

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