How to use Microsoft's video sharing service "Soapbox"

In 2006, it was not an exaggeration to say that video sharing services such as YouTube and Google Video swept the net on the net, but next windows scheduled to be released from next Tuesday, January 30 (Tue) "Windows Vista ", Microsoft also secretly started a beta version of a video sharing service called" Soapbox ". Of course the usage fee is free.

Functionally it is almost the same as YouTube, Google Video, etc, and the uploadable formats are AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, MPEG 1/2/4, 3 GPP, DV, H.263, H.264. RSS is also available. Maximum upload capacity is 100 MB, and there seems no time restriction.

However, although it seems that there are some people who are doing a little bit with the invitation system, if you click on the link "request an invitation" on the top page of "Soapbox" and enter your email address, You will receive an invitation with the subject "Try Soapbox (beta) on MSN Video".

So this time it's about how to use Microsoft's video sharing service "Soapbox" which is becoming a topic of being quite high quality. Details are as follows.
Soapbox on MSN Video

When an invitation comes, please access the address in the mail and click "I agree"

Click "Click here to enter Soapbox"

Then you will jump to the top page, so click "Sign In". I will sign in from the top page after the second time.

When I sign in, it looks like this. This is the main screen.

Click "upload videos" to upload the movie

For the first time, first decide your name. It is a so-called nickname.

Click "Browse", select the movie you want to upload, decide whether to publish the movie title, description, tags, categories, public in general, check the check box and click "Upload"

Please note that the following letters can not be put in the explanatory note. You can not put your own page address and so on.

There are various categories, but because there is "Blogs", I think this is fine for blogging.

During uploading, you will see how much you are uploading in real time

By the way, since the upload speed is about this, it is quite fast

Conversion starts when uploading is completed

When conversion is completed it will be this kind of screen

If you click "my soapbox", the movies uploaded so far will be displayed in a list

Click on the thumbnail of the movie to start playback on the left side

When you click "share" on the tab at the bottom of the movie playback screen, embed tags etc. are displayed. Also, if you invite someone you can invite with "invite a friend to soapbox".

Comments can also be accepted

You can also enter additional tags

By clicking "report", you can immediately inform you of violation videos. I feel somewhere like Microsoft like this part

As a whole, it is high image quality, obviously the conversion speed is fast, so I'd like to use "Soapbox" mainly, but only the capacity limit is hard. However, I think that there is no problem if it seems like uploading a movie taken with a digital camera normally. This is the usual thing to set up a follow-up strategy, so in that sense, Microsoft is still Microsoft, so it's like finishing that I can reconfirm it.

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