"GROW ver.1" to grow strange spheres by selecting items

Newly added "GROW ver. 1" to the game "GROW" series which aims to select the prepared items in order and finally set the level of all items to MAX. Apparently the release was delayed due to a bug. There is no concept of level in this ver.1, I just choose items by two choices. It is a feeling like a breeding game where you have less difficulty compared to other series and enjoy what you can do.

Access is from the following.

This time it seems like a game like how to grow strange spheres, so we will choose items to use next (sometimes one choice). The meter below makes it easier to see where we have grown. Please note that once you clear it you will be able to use Undo.

Apparently, as a result of playing about 15 minutes, it cleared. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on.

There are various ends, but it is fun to watch the things that make kingdoms in the basement.

So it is not difficult and it can be cleared if you do it over and over again so please check with your own eyes what kind of things are there.

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