Flash game "Grow Cube" to complete the cube type world

Put the items prepared in order to the world of the cube type, finally set the level of all items to "MAX" and clear it if you complete this cube world. The operation is fairly simple with just placing the item with the mouse, but the trick is interesting.

Events occurred depending on the order in which items are placed, and a certain amount of time is required from the time the item is placed until the event occurs. Because there is a kind of turn-like aspect, "I can advance ahead if there is a little more time!"

First of all, you can understand by placing "person" and placing "water".

Access is from the following.

If BGM is noisy, click on the lower right speaker icon to turn off the sound.

When it can not proceed any further, it ends and the level of each item is displayed.

It took me about 30 minutes to clear it, but it is the point that "I will make something happen each time I place an item." Some items may work together.

The final evolutionary cube that cleared below. I dare mosaic, but all items are level MAX. In the ending it will be a perpetual institution that feels like a Pitagora switch. Good luck.

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