Japan Falcom 's latest action RPG "Ys · Origin" was played

Japanese Falcom's masterpiece action It seems that if you are a game player to some extent that there is "Ys" in RPG series, I think that the latest work "Ys · Origin" Was released last week. It seems that there is quite a cowardly this time, and it has become pretty awesome. To that extent the content of the play is very easy. It's not for complicated rules, so it's for those who do not play games for a while.

So let 's take a look at actual play movies and screenshots. By the way it has not cleared yet at this stage ... ....
Ys · Origin

What kind of story is it is obvious if you look at the high-resolution movie of the following site. If you feel interesting by watching this movie, it is worth playing.

4Gamer.net "Ys · Origin" high resolution promotion movie up

So this is the second boss fight movie. It seems that there are many players who stuff once at here, when searching on the Internet variously called "centipede". I mean, I myself also took the opportunity to raise the level. If you defeat an enemy that is in mass in a room before the boss warfare from one end, it will rise to the level where you can win the boss in around fifteen minutes. I play almost like this. It is closer to a shooting game than action RPG when coming so far.

This is the main character No. 1.

Here is the hero 2. Although it is written for beginners but it is not for beginners, it is popular in various places on the net, but I will choose this one

Difficulty selection is normal.

Start the game. After the demonstration movie, it finally starts. I'm fallen by haste, but is it okay?

It seems that it appears immediately after descending to the ground from "Ys" floating in the sky

I found a big tree.

It seems to be the name of a tree of Roda. It is a hero who is known for quite a while.

So this tree of Roda will speak to me. There used to be a tree that speaks like this to "Konoi-nikki", which he was doing at NHK education once, by the way.

A tower overlooking you is a fighting place. You can also go to the side that jumps out a bit.

Fellows are waiting as they enter the tower. That said, they will not fight at all.

I can not remember the name, it is useless. At the moment we have already entered the final stage, but I can not remember anything about my colleagues around here.

I received some items

And the statue of the goddess is here and there. You can save here. It is important to save frequently. Also possible to power up.

Equipment screen looks like this. You can get it in the treasure box on the way. If you can not find the treasure box, you will not get the equipment, so be careful.

Here is the list of items that you own. Be careful as items instantly dead at the moment you equip it comes out along the way.

Optional change is also possible in the game. Especially "Dash (after acquisition) always used" is convenient.

Also, every time power up or new things become available, the manual page fills up.

Item description

Items around here can be ravaged along the way

Basic action. I do not use special attacks much, or I can not see the use ... ....

This boost mode is important. Sometimes you can win with force by activating it against boss against boss. Especially "Mantis" coming out in the second half will win if it boosts.

When you open the treasure box you get items like this

Also, the proper use of this "skill" is very important. Rakuchin proceeding while switching between the three skills finally obtained in real time. It is also possible to activate two skills at the same time by using it while switching.

In the play movie to be introduced later, I use this "skill pool"

There is also a skill reinforcement item, clearly mandatory.

Often you encounter strange animals on the way. If you give something, you can receive an item.

There is obviously a hole, but we can not move forward unless we jump in here, Kawai.

They are enemies.

This is also an enemy, for one time.

I am confronted, I feel bad!

Apparently the battle is about to start

"I will tell barbarian women the essence of the magical kingdom YS 's proud mage" is a tremendous lineage again.

The other party seems to be a "fierce female fighter."

So I taught barbarian women the essence of the magical tragedy of Magical Kingdom Ys.

I was able to take some items.

Obviously Ayashii entrance


Yes, it's okay.

So this is my childhood-like character bastard

Is this a master or a teacher, anyway, is a superior one.

It runs around

It is also possible to run around the outside of the tower

An obscure barrier.

You can use the crystal to purify the evil statue and turn it into a statue of the statue

A boss beyond this door ......

Premonition of a battle!

It's obviously a boss

Good death Vengefully died in one shot ... ....

The following is the movie of the first boss fight.

4Gamer.net "Ys · Origin", Play movie against Bellagander up

Kuromaki victory

Ayashage Entrance Also Discovered

I will continue climbing the stairs

It will be like this on the latter floor

You will be able to attack like a laser cannon like this

Enemies are also strong

Lightning Attack. You can attack like Bomberman.

When you boost up, the previous laser attack looks like this

"Fact Eye" that sticks like an option will increase to 4 when boosting

Anyway, I can play with such feeling. Because there is considerable playing, it is recommended for those who do not have a game to do at year-end and new year.

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